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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Šegan-Radonjić, Marija Dokumenta o Mihailu Petroviću u arhivu Matematičkog instituta SANU (1946–1954)2019Mihailo Petrović Alas: život, delo, vreme: povodom 150 godina od rođenja; 299-305M40
Stević, Stevo Domains of undefinable solutions of some equations and systems of difference equations2-Jul-2013Applied Mathematics and Computation; 219(24); 11206-11213M21
Limonchenko, Ivan ; Panov, Taras; Song, Jongbaek; Stanley, DonaldDouble cohomology of moment-angle complexes2023Advances in Mathematics; 432; 109274~M21
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko Double generalized majorization2022Electronic Journal of Combinatorics; 29(4); P4.19~M23
Đorđević, Bogdan Doubly stochastic and permutation solutions to AXA = XAX when A is a permutation matrix2022Linear Algebra and its Applications; 661; 79-105~M21
Gutman, Ivan; Rowlinson, Peter; Simić, Slobodan ; Stevanović, Dragan ; Van Dam, EdwinDragoš Cvetković, 7015-Nov-2011Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 435(10); 2321-2333M22
Boljanović, Slobodanka ; Carpinteri, AndreaDriving mode analysis of quarter-elliptical flaw under cyclic loading2022Procedia Structural Integrity; 2nd Mediterranean Conference on Fracture and Structural Integrity; 41; 704-711M33
Karličić, Danilo ; Cajić, Milan ; Adhikari, SondiponDual-mass electromagnetic energy harvesting from galloping oscillations and base excitation1-Jan-2020Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering ScienceM23
Došen, Kosta Duality between modal algebras and neighbourhood frames1-Jun-1989Studia Logica; 48(2); 219-234
Milovanović, Miloš Dyadic floating point1-Sep-2021Matematički Vesnik; 73(3); 149-155M51
Milenković, Branislav Dynamic balancing of the slider-crank mechanism2019Symposium Nonlinear dynamics-Scientific work of Prof. Dr Katica HedrihM30
Velimirović, Lazar ; Janjić, A.; Vranić, Petar ; Petkovski, Ivana ; Velimirović, Jelena Dynamic electric vehicle routing problem20218th International conference Transport & Logistics - TIL2021 – Proceedings; 8th International conference Transport & Logistics - TIL2021. Universtiy of Niš, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Niš, 3rd December 2021.; 29-32M33
Milovanović, Miloš Dynamical Identity of the Brower Continuum2018The Fifth National Conference on Information Theory and Complex Systems – TINKOS 2017; 9-10M60
Ivković, Stefan ; Öztop, Serap; Tabatabaie, Seyyed MohammadDynamical Properties and Some Classes of Non-porous Subsets of Lebesgue Spaces2023Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics~M23
Gajić, Borislav Dynamics and Geometry of Integrable Rigid Body Motion20092nd International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics, Palić, Serbia, 2009; 103-127M30
Su, You Hui; Li, Wan Tong; Stević, Stevo Dynamics of a higher order nonlinear rational difference equation1-Jan-2005Journal of Difference Equations and Applications; 11(2); 133-150M22
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, DejanDynamics of complex systems consist of deformable bodies in contact - the new approach20176th International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics; 1-6M30
Dragović, Vladimir Dynamics of extremal polynomials, conformal geometry, and isomonodromy deformations2021International Conference ”Analytic theory of differential and difference equations” dedicated to the memory of Andrey Bolibrukh Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, May 25-29, 2020 – postponed and presented in January 2021M32
Dragović, Vladimir Dynamics of extremal polynomials, Painleve VI equations, and isoharmonic deformations2021Mathematics and Applications, 11th Symposium, Mathematics Faculty, Belgrade, 3-4 December 2021; 16M32
Paunović, Stepa ; Cajić, Milan ; Karličić, Danilo ; Mijalković, MarinaDynamics of fractional-order multi-beam mass system excited by base motion1-Apr-2020Applied Mathematical Modelling; 80; 702-723M21