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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Stević, Stevo Weighted integrals of harmonic functions1-Jan-2002Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica; 39(1-2); 87-96M23
Stević, Stevo Weighted integrals of holomorphic functions in the unit polydisc1-Jan-2005Archives of Inequalities and Applications; 3(5); 583-591
Stević, Stevo Weighted integrals of holomorphic functions on the polydisc II1-Jan-2004Zeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendung; 23(4); 775-782M23
Stević, Stevo Weighted iterated radial composition operators between some spaces of holomorphic functions on the unit ball1-Dec-2010Abstract and Applied Analysis; 2010M21a
Stević, Stevo ; Jiang, Zhi JieWeighted iterated radial composition operators from logarithmic Bloch spaces to weighted-type spaces on the unit ball21-Nov-2021Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences~M21
Stević, Stevo ; Jiang, ZhijieWeighted iterated radial composition operators from weighted Bergman–Orlicz spaces to weighted-type spaces on the unit ball2021Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences~M21
Stević, Stevo Weighted iterated radial operators between different weighted Bergman spaces on the unit ball1-May-2012Applied Mathematics and Computation; 218(17); 8288-8294M21
Blagojević, Pavle ; Dimitrijević-Blagojević, Aleksandra ; Milošević, MarkoWeighted partitions of sphere measures by hyperplanes2006Filomat; 20(1); 13-22M51
Stević, Stevo Weighted radial operator from the mixed-norm space to the nth weighted-type space on the unit ball12-May-2012Applied Mathematics and Computation; 218(18); 9241-9247M21
Li, Songxiao; Stević, Stevo Weighted-Hardy functions with Hadamard gaps on the unit ball1-Jun-2009Applied Mathematics and Computation; 212(1); 229-233M21
Cvetković, Dragoš; Davidović, Tatjana Well-Suited Multiprocessor Topologies with Small Number of Processors2008Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics; 38(3); 209-217M51
Jovanović, Božidar What are completely integrable Hamilton systems1-Jan-2011Teaching of Mathematics; 14(1); 1-14
Marković, Zoran ; Ognjanović, Zoran ; Rašković, Miodrag What is the Proper Propositional Base for Probabilistic Logic?2004Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems Conference IPMU 2004, Perugia, Italy, July, 4-9, 2004; 443-450M33
Živaljević, Rade WI-posets, graph complexes and ℤ2-equivalences1-Jan-2005Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A; 111(2); 204-223M22
Korać, Vanja ; Todorović, Milan ; Prlja, DraganWindows default services vulnerabilities assessment2017Arheologija i prirodne nauke; 12; 195-210M52
Mihaljević, Miodrag J. ; Oggier, FrédériqueWire-tap Approach to enhance security in communication systems using the encoding-encryption paradigm19-Jul-2010ICT 2010: 2010 17th International Conference on Telecommunications, 4-7 April 2010; 83-88
Lachlan, Michael; Mihaljević, Miodrag J. Wireless data communication method and apparatus for software download system2009M91
Kapetanović, Miodrag Work of Slaviša Prešić in Artificial Intelligence2001A Tribute to S.B. Prešić; 15-19M33
Janković, Radmila ; Amelio, Alessia; Draganov, Ivo R.Writer Identification from Historical Documents Using Ensemble Deep Learning Transfer Models1-Jan-202221st International Symposium INFOTEH-JAHORINA, INFOTEH 2022; 1-5M33
Dinčić, Nebojša Č.; Đorđević, Bogdan Yang-Baxter-Like Matrix Equation: A Road Less Taken2023Matrix and Operator Equations and Applications; 241-346M13