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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaConditional Distributivity of Semi-t-operators Over Conjunctive Uninorms2022Filomat; 36(13); 4525-4538M22
Pilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan; Vučković, Đorđe Convolution with the Kernel es⟨x⟩q,q≥1,s>0 Within Ultradistribution Spaces10-Jun-2021Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics; 18(4); 164~M21
Femić, Bojana Coring Categories and Villamayor–Zelinsky Sequence for Symmetric Finite Tensor Categories28-Mar-2021Applied Categorical Structures; 29; 485-527~M23
Prokić, Ivan; Ghilezan, Silvia ; Kašterović, Simona; Popović, Miroslav; Popović, Marko; Kaštelan, IvanCorrect orchestration of Federated Learning generic algorithms: formalisation and verification in CSP2023Engineering of Computer-Based Systems; ECBS 2023 - 8th International Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems, Västerås, Sweden; 14390 LNCS; 274-288M33
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaCorrigendum to “Distributivity and conditional distributivity for T-uninorms” [Inform. Sci., (424) (2018) 91–103] (Information Sciences (2018) 424 (91–103), (S0020025516313585), (10.1016/j.ins.2017.09.065))1-Aug-2021Information SciencesM25
Stefanović, Tamara; Ghilezan, Silvia ; Kašterović, SimonaCrypto-Covid: Privacy challenges in BlockChain and Contact Tracing202211th International Conference Logic and Applications, LAP 2022, September 26 - 29, 2022, Dubrovnik, Croatia; Book of Abstracts; 47-48M34
Petrović, Miloš; Vesić, Nenad ; Zlatanović, MilanCurvature properties of metric and semi-symmetric linear connections2022Quaestiones Mathematicae; 45(10); 1603-1627~M21
Simjanović, Dušan; Vesić, Nenad ; Ranđelović, Branislav; Vujadinović, ĐorđijeCyber Security Criteria: Fuzzy AHP approach202313th International Conference on Business Information Security, BISEC 2022, Belgrade, 2 December 2022; CEUR Workshop Proceedings; 3529; 50-55
Leiderman, Arkady; Spadaro, Santi; Todorčević, Stevo DENSE METRIZABLE SUBSPACES IN POWERS OF CORSON COMPACTA1-Jul-2022Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 150(7); 3177-3187~M22
Stefanović, Tamara; Ghilezan, Silvia Differential Privacy and Applications202110th International Conference Logic and Applications, LAP 2021, September 20 - 24, 2020, Dubrovnik, Croatia; 52-54M34
Ivković, Stefan ; Tabatabaie, Seyyed MohammadDisjoint Linear Dynamical Properties of Elementary Operators2023Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society; 49; 63~M23
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaDistributivity and conditional distributivity of uni-nullnorms over uninorms1-Jan-2023International Journal of General Systems~M22
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaDistributivity between 2-uninorms and Mayor’s aggregation operators2022Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems; 19(6); 13-27~M21a
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaDistributivity between uni-nullnorms and Mayor's aggregation operators2022International Journal of Approximate Reasoning; 143; 44-56~M22
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaDistributivity equations for aggregation operations with annihilator over uninorms2022Aequationes Mathematicae; 96; 677-699~M22
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaDistributivity laws for quasi-linear means2022Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems; 19(1); 1-11~M21a
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaDistributivity of a Uni-nullnorm with Continuous and Archimedean Underlying T-norms and T-conorms Over an Arbitrary Uninorm2023Mathematica Slovaca; 73(6); 1527-1544~M21
Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Does weak quasi-o-minimality behave better than weak o-minimality?29-May-2021Archive for Mathematical Logic~M22
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko Double generalized majorization2022Electronic Journal of Combinatorics; 29(4); P4.19~M23
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko Double generalized majorization and diagrammatics2023Ars Mathematica Contemporanea; 23(2); 05A17~M22