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Žunić, Joviša
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1Žunić, Joviša ; Corcoran, PadraigFitting cylinders computation with an application to measuring 3D shapes2023Computational and Applied Mathematics; 42; 207~M21
2Žunić, Joviša ; Stojmenovíc, MilošAn affine moment invariant for multi-component shapes1-Jan-2022Measurement Science and Technology; 33; 017001~M22
3Žunić, Joviša Measuring how much an object has a ring-like shape1-Apr-2021Measurement Science and Technology; 32(4); 047002~M22
4Žunić, Joviša ; Rosin, PaulMeasuring Shapes with Desired Convex Polygons1-Jun-2020IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence; 42(6); 1394-1407M21a
5Martinez-Ortiz, Carlos; Žunić, Joviša Errata to: A 3D polar-radius-moment invariant as a shape circularity measure24-Jan-2019Neurocomputing; 325; 303-304M21
6Kopanja, Lazar; Tadić, Marin; Kralj, Slavko; Žunić, Joviša Shape and aspect ratio analysis of anisotropic magnetic nanochains based on TEM micrographs1-Aug-2018Ceramics International; 44(11); 12340-12351M21a
7Žunić, Joviša ; Rosin, Paul; Ilić, VladimirDisconnectedness: A new moment invariant for multi-component shapes1-Jun-2018Pattern Recognition; 78; 91-102M21a
8Alamri, Faisal; Žunić, Joviša Edge detection based on digital shape elongation measure1-Jan-2018Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 10657; 19-27M33
9Ben Haj Rhouma, Mohamed; Žunić, Joviša ; Younis, Mohammed ChachanMoment invariants for multi-component shapes with applications to leaf classification1-Nov-2017Computers and Electronics in Agriculture; 142; 326-337M21
10Žunić, Joviša ; Kakarala, Ramakrishna; Ali Aktaş, MehmetNotes on shape based tools for treating the objects ellipticity issues1-Sep-2017Pattern Recognition; 69; 141-149M21a
11Huxley, Martin; Žunić, Joviša The Number of Different Digital N-Discs1-Nov-2016Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision; 56(3); 403-408M21a
12Žunić, Joviša ; Žunić, DragišaShape Interpretation of Second-Order Moment Invariants1-Sep-2016Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision; 56(1); 125-136M21a
13Pantović, Jovanka; Ghilezan, Silvia ; Žunić, Joviša Encoding of multilevel S-threshold functions1-Jan-2016Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing; 26(1-2); 89-108M23
14Žunić, Joviša ; Hirota, Kaoru; Dukić, Dragan; Aktaş, Mehmet AliOn a 3D analogue of the first Hu moment invariant and a family of shape ellipsoidness measures1-Jan-2016Machine Vision and Applications; 27(1); 129-144M22
15Rosin, Paul; Pantović, Jovanka; Žunić, Joviša Measuring linearity of curves in 2D and 3D1-Jan-2016Pattern Recognition; 49; 65-78M21a
16Žunić, Joviša ; Rosin, Paul; Aktaş, Mehmet AliIncreasing the power of shape descriptor based object analysis techniques1-Jan-2016Perspectives in Shape Analysis; 117-135M33
17Rosin, Paul; Žunić, Joviša Measuring convexity via convex polygons1-Jan-2016Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 9555; 38-47M33
18Rosin, Paul; Pantović, Jovanka; Žunić, Joviša Measuring Linearity of Connected Configurations of a Finite Number of 2D and 3D Curves3-Sep-2015Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision; 53(1); 1-11M21a
19Žunić, Joviša ; Pantović, Jovanka; Rosin, PaulMeasuring linearity of planar curves1-Jan-2015Pattern Recognition Applications and MethodsM10
20Pantović, Jovanka; Ghilezan, Silvia ; Žunić, Joviša On the number of S-threshold functions on not necessarily binary input1-Jan-2014Proceedings of The International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic; 44th IEEE International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic, ISMVL 2014; Bremen; Germany; 19 May 2014 through 21 May 2014; 13-18


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