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1Stević, Željko; Miškić, Smiljka; Vojinović, Dragan; Huskanović, Eldina; Stanković, Miomir ; Pamučar, DraganDevelopment of a Model for Evaluating the Efficiency of Transport Companies: PCA–DEA–MCDM Model1-Mar-2022Axioms; 11(3); 140
2Gocić, Milan; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir ; Trajković, SlavišaRegional Precipitation-Frequency Analysis in Serbia Based on Methods of L-Moment10-Mar-2021Pure and Applied Geophysics; 1-14~M22
3Protić, Danijela; Stanković, Miomir A hybrid model for anomaly-based intrusion detection in complex computer networks28-Nov-2020Proceedings - 2020 21st International Arab Conference on Information Technology, ACIT 2020; 21st International Arab Conference on Information Technology, ACIT 2020; Giza; Egypt; 28 November 2020 through 30 November 2020; 9299965M33
4Gocić, Milan; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir ; Trajković, SlavišaDetermining the best fitting distribution of annual precipitation data in Serbia using L-moments method30-Oct-2020Earth Science InformaticsM22
5Jordović-Pavlović, Miroslava; Stanković, Miomir ; Popović, M. N.; Ćojbašić, Žarko; Galović, S. P.; Markushev, DraganThe application of artificial neural networks in solid-state photoacoustics for the recognition of microphone response effects in the frequency domain1-Sep-2020Journal of Computational Electronics; 19(3); 1268-1280M23
6Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir ; Vidanović, MirjanaOn the summation of Schlömilch's series3-May-2020Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 31(5); 339-367M22
7Stanković, Miomir ; Stević, Željko; Das, Dillip Kumar; Subotić, Marko; Pamučar, DraganA new fuzzy marcos method for road traffic risk analysis24-Mar-2020Mathematics; 8(3); 457M21a
8Silvestrov, Sergei; Rajković, Predrag; Marinković, Slađana; Stanković, Miomir Relations between the fractional operators in q-calculus1-Jan-2020Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics; 317; 603-624M33
9Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir ON A GENERALIZED FUNCTION-TO-SEQUENCE TRANSFORM1-Jan-2020Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 14(2); 300-316M21
10Tanackov, Ilija; Sinani, Feta; Stanković, Miomir ; Bogdanović, Vuk; Stević, Željko; Vidić, Mladen; Mihaljev-Martinov, JelenaNatural test for random numbers generator based on exponential distribution1-Oct-2019Mathematics; 7(10); 920~M21a
11Perić, Zoran; Nikolić, Jelena; Velimirović, Lazar ; Panić, Stefan; Stanković, Miomir Analysis of switched quantizer based on the quadratic spline functions2-Dec-2017International Journal of Computer Mathematics; 94(12); 2348-2355M22
12Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir ; Petrušić, AndrijaCommercial electric vehicle fleet scheduling for secondary frequency control1-Jun-2017Electric Power Systems Research; 147; 31-41M21
13Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, Miomir Comments on “On q-non-extensive statistics with non-Tsallisian entropy”15-Jan-2017Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications; 466; 160-165M22
14Todorović-Zarkula, Slavica; Todorović, Branimir; Stanković, Miomir ; Pavlović, VlastimirExtended Kalman filter in blind separation of nonstationary signals3-Apr-2015European Signal Processing Conference; 12th European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2004; Vienna; Austria; 6 September 2004 through 10 September 2004; 06-10-September-2004; 1717-1720
15Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, Miomir An axiomatic characterization of generalized entropies under analyticity condition1-Jan-2015Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences; 9(2); 609-613
16Rajković, Predrag; Marinković, Slađana; Stanković, Miomir Orthogonal polynomials with varying weight of laguerre type1-Jan-2015Filomat; 29(5); 1053-1062M21
17Perić, Zoran; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir ; Jovanović, AleksandraA comprehensive analysis of the scalar compandor model designed using spline functions1-Jan-2015Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques Serie Electrotechnique et Energetique; 60(3); 283-292M23
18Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, Miomir A unified characterization of generalized information and certainty measures1-Dec-2014Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications; 415; 229-239M22
19Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, Miomir Generalized Shannon-Khinchin axioms and uniqueness theorem for pseudo-additive entropies1-Oct-2014Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications; 411; 138-145M22
20Velimirović, Jelena ; Kavgić, Aleksandar; Nikolić, Vesna; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir A theoretical approach in designing Bilingualized electronic dictionary and its importance in ESP teaching1-Jan-2014Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences; 5(13 SPEC. ISSUE); 239-243M51