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1Simjanović, Dušan J.; Zdravković, Nemanja; Vesić, Nenad On the Factors of Successful e-Commerce Platform Design during and after COVID-19 Pandemic Using Extended Fuzzy AHP Method1-Mar-2022Axioms; 11(3); 105
2Simjanović, Dušan; Ranđelović, Branislav; Vesić, Nenad ; Penjišević, AleksandraExamples of mathematical problems in primary and secondary education that include the actual calendar year2022Facta Universitatis. Series: Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education; 5(2); 191-200M53
3Vesić, Nenad Utilizing AHP for smart-city development with blockchain-based solutions for Healthcare, Government and Education2022ICIST 2022 Proceedings; 12th International Conference on Information Society and Technology; 172-175M33
4Simjanović, Dušan; Vesić, Nenad Commutation Formulae With Respect to Non-Symmetric Affine Connection6-Sep-2021Quaestiones Mathematicae; 1-14~M21
5Vesić, Nenad ; Zdravković, Nemanja; Simjanović, DušanSecuring Online Assesments Using Christoffel Symbols2021The 11th International Conference on eLearning (eLearning-2020), 24-25 September, Belgrade, Serbia; 54-57M33
6Zlatanović, Milan; Petrović, Miloš; Vesić, Nenad Curvature properties of metric and semi-symmetric linear connections2021Quaestiones Mathematicae; 1-25~M21
7Simjanović, Dušan; Vesić, Nenad NOVEL INVARIANTS FOR ALMOST GEODESIC MAPPINGS OF THE THIRD TYPE2021Miskolc Mathematical Notes; 22(2); 961-975~M22
8Simjanović, Dušan; Vesić, Nenad ; Ranđelović, Branislav; Zdravković, Nemanja; Vujadinović, Đ.A new cryptographic algorithm based on affine connection coefficients202112th International Conference on Business Information Security, Beograd, 2021; 71-74M33
9Vesić, Nenad Advanced Cryptography by using Christoffel Symbols202112th International Conference on Business Information Security, Beograd; 14-17M31
10Vesić, Nenad ; Dimitijević, Dragoljub; Simjanović, DušanGeneralized Riemannian Spaces With Respect to 4-Velocity Vectors and Functions of State Parameters2021Filomat; 35(5); 1519-1541~M22
11Najdanović, Marija; Velimirović, Ljubica; Vesić, Nenad GEODESIC INFINITESIMAL DEFORMATIONS OF GENERALIZED RIEMANNIAN SPACES2021Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics; 19(3); 149~M21
12Vesić, Nenad ; Zlatanović, MilanInvariants for geodesic and F-planar mappings of generalized Riemannian spaces11-May-2020Quaestiones Mathematicae; 44(7); 983-996M21
13Vesić, Nenad Basic invariants of geometric mappings2020Miskolc Mathematical Notes; 21(1); 473-487M22
14Vesić, Nenad Eighty one Ricci-Type identities2020Facta Univerisitatis, Series: Mathematics and Informatics; 35(4); 1059-1078M52
15Vesić, Nenad Cosmological meaning of geometric curvatures2020Filomat; 34(12); 4107-4121~M22
16Vesić, Nenad ; Zlatanović, Milan; Velimirović, AnaProjective invariants for equitorsion geodesic mappings of semi-symmetric affine connection spaces15-Apr-2019Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 472(2); 1571-1580M21
17Vesić, Nenad Generalized Weyl conformal curvature tensor of generalized Riemannian space1-Jan-2019Miskolc Mathematical Notes; 20(1); 555-563M23
18Vesić, Nenad ; Stanković, MićaSecond type almost geodesic mappings of special class and their invariants1-Jan-2019Filomat; 33(4); 1201-1208M22
19Vesić, Nenad ; Stanković, MićaInvariants of Special Second-Type Almost Geodesic Mappings of Generalized Riemannian Space1-Apr-2018Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics; 15(2); 60M21
20Vesić, Nenad Some invariants of conformal mappings of a generalized riemannian space1-Jan-2018Filomat; 32(4); 1465-1474M22