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1Velimirović, Lazar ; Janković, Radmila ; Velimirović, Jelena ; Vranić, Petar Razvoj pametnog sistema za upravljanje vodama2022M82
2Vasilevska, Ljiljana; Vranić, Petar ; Vasilevska, MagdalenaEvaluating the Relationship between Urban Redevelopment of Large Housing Estates and Urban Green Space Based on GIS–MCDM Approach: Empirical Experience from Niš, Serbia2022Journal of Urban Planning and Development; 148(2)~M23
3Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Velimirović, Jelena ; Vranić, Petar Estimating the optimal number and locations of electric vehicle charging stations: the application of multi-criteria p-median methodology22-Oct-2021Transportation Planning and Technology~M23
4Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Vranić, Petar Designing an electricity distribution reward-penalty scheme based on spatial reliability statisticsJun-2021Utilities Policy; 70; 101211~M22
5Vranić, Petar ; Glišović, Srđan; Velimirović, Lazar Decision Support for Integrated Management of Local-Level Adaptation to Climate Changes: The Case of Serbia28-May-2021International Journal of Disaster Risk Science; 12(4); 479-494~M21
6Velimirović, Lazar ; Janjić, A.; Vranić, Petar ; Petkovski, Ivana ; Velimirović, Jelena Dynamic electric vehicle routing problem20218th International conference Transport & Logistics - TIL2021. Universtiy of Niš, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Niš, 3rd December 2021.; 29-32M33
7Marić, Svetislav; Velimirović, Lazar ; Velimirović, Jelena ; Vranić, Petar Lessons Learned from Delivering Programing Courses Online for Retraining Serbian Workforce through UNDP Programs – A Joint Project between UCSDX and MISANU202010th IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), Seattle, WA, USA ; October 29 – November 01, 2020; 662-669M33
8Vranić, Petar ; Velimirović, Lazar The Analysis of Suitable Area for Solar Plant Construction in Nišava District: A GIS-MCDM Approach20206th Virtual International Conference on Science, Technology and Management in Energy, Niš, Serbia, December 14 - 15, 2020; eNergetics 2020 Conference Proceedings; 121-127M33
9Vranić, Petar ; Glišović, SrđanOdrživo upravljanje projektima planiranja adaptacije na klimatske promene20-Oct-2019Teme; 43(3); 733-754M24
10Velimirović, Jelena ; Velimirović, Lazar ; Vranić, Petar ; Janjić, AleksandarAssessing the Risk of SMEs Failure Using AHP Method2019How to prevent SMEs failure (Actions based on comparative analysis in Visegrad countries and Serbia); 131-153M42
11Đurđević, Vladimir; Vranić, Petar Climate change and security2019Proceedings of the 5th International Scientific and Professional Conference “Security and Crises Management–Theory and Practice SeCMan 2019”; 5th International Scientific and Professional Conference “Security and Crises Management–Theory and Practice SeCMan 2019”. Belgrade, 03-04th October; 1-10M33
12Vranić, Petar ; Nikolić, Vesna; Milutinović, Slobodan; Velimirović, Jelena Local sustainable development: a knowledge base for adaptation planning4-Mar-2018European Planning Studies; 26(3); 502-525M22
13Vranić, Petar ; Glišović, SrđanDecision making support tools for adaptation to climate change - a mini review2018Facta Universitatis, Series: Working and Living Environmental Protection; 15(1); 73-80M52
14Vranić, Petar ; Veličkovska, Ivana Application of Multi-criteria Decision-making Methods in Energy Research - a Review20184th Virtual International Conference on Science, Technology and Management in Energy eNergetics2018; 33-40M33
15Vranić, Petar ; Milovanović, MilanReview of GIS application in energy research2018Energetics 2018 - 4th Virtual International Conference on Science,Technology and Management in Energy; 227-235M30
16Vranić, Petar Razvoj modela za integrisano upravljanje izborom mera prilagođavanja na klimatske promene na lokalnom nivou2018doctoral thesis: Fakultet zaštite na radu u Nišu, Univerzitet u NišuM70
17Rogers, Kenton; Andreucci, Maria-Beatrice; Jones, Nerys; Japelj, Anže; Vranić, Petar The Value of Valuing: Recognising the Benefits of the Urban Forest28-Feb-2017The Urban Forest; 7; 283-299M42
18Velimirović, Jelena ; Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Vranić, Petar Risk analysis based on Bayesian networks and a multi-criteria decision-making method – selection of Circuit-breakers for the 110kv substations2017XIII international May conference on strategic management, Bor; 241-249M33
19Vranić, Petar ; Glišović, SrđanConceptual framework for lifecycle management of adaptation projects to climate change at the local level using multicriteria analysis2017XXI international eco-conference, 12th Eco-conference on Environmental protection of urban and suburban settlements, Novi Sad, Serbia; 367-375M30
20Valjarević, Aleksandar; Vranić, Petar Multi-criteria GIS Analysis Model for Determining Geothermal Capacity for Heating Systems in the Urban Core of Nis2017Energetics 2017 - 5th Virtual International Conference on Science,Technology and Management in Energy; 151-157M30