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Simjanović, Dušan J.; Zdravković, Nemanja; Vesić, Nenad On the Factors of Successful e-Commerce Platform Design during and after COVID-19 Pandemic Using Extended Fuzzy AHP Method2022Axioms; 11(3); 105~M22
Dinčić, Nebojša; Đorđević, Bogdan On the intrinsic structure of the solution set to the Yang–Baxter-like matrix equation1-Apr-2022Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales - Serie A: Matematicas; 116(2); 73~M21a
Ilić, Velimir ; Đorđević, IvanOn the α-q-mutual information and the α-q-capacities1-Jun-2021Entropy; 23(6); 702~M22
Dimitrov, Darko; Stevanović, Dragan On the σt-irregularity and the inverse irregularity problem15-Mar-2023Applied Mathematics and Computation; 441; 127709~M21a
Stevanović, Dragan Ordering Starlike Trees by the Totality of Their Spectral Moments2022Order; 39; 77-94~M23
Stevanović, Sanja Overhang Design Methods2022
Ilić, Velimir ; Korbel, J.; Gupta, S.; Scarfone, A. M.An overview of generalized entropic forms1-Feb-2021EPL; 133(5); 50005~M22
Femić, Bojana Paired wreaths: 2-categorical background of a class of cross products28-Feb-2022Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences
Milovanović, Miloš Pitanje kalendara u svetlosti predanja Srpske pravoslavne crkve2021M42
Stević, Stevo ; Ueki, Sei IchiroPOLYNOMIAL DIFFERENTIATION COMPOSITION OPERATORS FROM Hp SPACES TO WEIGHTED–TYPE SPACES ON THE UNIT BALL2023Journal of Mathematical Inequalities; 17(1); 365-379~M21a
Milovanović, Miloš Postmodern Memory. A Study on Aesthetics of Easten Europe2022Beauty in Architecture. Harmony of Place; 363-389M14
Veltri, Niccolò; Benton, Nick; Ghilezan, Silvia PPDP 2021: 23rd International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming2021PPDP 2021: 23rd International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming, Tallinn, Estonia, September 6-8, 2021M36
Ghilezan, Silvia ; Pantović, Jovanka; Prokić, Ivan; Scalas, Alceste; Yoshida, NobukoPrecise subtyping for asynchronous multiparty sessions4-Jan-2021Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages; 5; 16M33
Ghilezan, Silvia ; Pantović, Jovanka; Prokić, Ivan; Scalas, Alceste; Yoshida, NobukoPrecise Subtyping for Asynchronous Multiparty Sessions2022ACM Transactions on Computational Logic~M21
Stefanović, Tamara; Ghilezan, Silvia Preserving Privacy in Caller ID Applications1-Apr-2021IFIP International Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management; Privacy and Identity Management; 151-168M33
Ghilezan, Silvia ; Stefanović, TamaraPrivacy preserving contact tracing2021Webinar "Mathematics for Human Flourishing in the time of Covid-19 and post Covid-19", Oct. 21, 2020, Niš, Serbia; Abstract Booklet; 5
Ghilezan, Silvia ; Stefanović, TamaraPrivacy-preserving contact tracing2023Mathematics for Human Flourishing in the Time of COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 : Proceedings of the Workshop held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš, Niš, 21 of October 2020; 171-182
Dautović, Šejla A Probabilistic Logic Between LPP1 and LPP21-Jan-2022Logica Universalis~M22
Kašterović, Simona; Ghilezan, Silvia Probabilistic Reasoning about Typed Combinatory Logic202211th International Conference Logic and Applications, LAP 2022, September 26 - 29, 2022; Book of Abstracts; 29-31M34