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1Femić, Bojana ; Ghiorzi, EnricoInternalization and enrichment via spans and matrices in a tricategory2023Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics~M22
2Femić, Bojana Paired wreaths: 2-categorical background of a class of cross products28-Feb-2022Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences
3Femić, Bojana A bicategorical approach to actions of monoidal categories1-Jan-2022Journal of Algebra and its Applications; 2350073~M23
4Femić, Bojana Braided Galois Objects and Sweedler Cohomology of Certain Radford Biproducts2022Filomat; 36(15); 5179-5220~M22
5Femić, Bojana Coring Categories and Villamayor–Zelinsky Sequence for Symmetric Finite Tensor Categories28-Mar-2021Applied Categorical Structures; 29; 485-527~M23
6Femić, Bojana Turaev bicategories and generalized Yetter-Drinfel’d modules in 2-categories1-Mar-2021Israel Journal of Mathematics; 241(1); 395-432~M22
7Femić, Bojana Biwreaths: A self-contained system in a 2-category that encodes different known algebraic constructions and gives rise to new ones1-Apr-2019Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra; 223(4); 1472-1513M22
8Femić, Bojana Villamayor–Zelinsky Sequence for Symmetric Finite Tensor Categories1-Dec-2017Applied Categorical Structures; 25(6); 1199-1228M23
9Femić, Bojana Eilenberg-Watts Theorem for 2-categories and quasi-monoidal structures for module categories over bialgebroid categories1-Sep-2016Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra; 220(9); 3156-3181M22
10Femić, Bojana ; Mejía Castaño, Adriana; Mombelli, MartínInvertible bimodule categories over the representation category of a Hopf algebra1-Jan-2014Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra; 218(11); 2096-2118M22
11Femić, Bojana Transparency condition in the categories of Yetter-Drinfel’d modules over Hopf algebras in braided categories2014São Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences; 33-82
12Femić, Bojana The hopf automorphism group and the quantum brauer group in braided monoidal categories1-Sep-2013Journal of Algebra and its Applications; 12(6)M23
13Cuadra, Juan; Femić, Bojana A sequence to compute the Brauer group of certain quasi-triangular Hopf algebras1-Oct-2012Applied Categorical Structures; 20(5); 433-512M22
14Femić, Bojana Some remarks on morita theory, Azumaya algebras and center of an algebra in braided monoidal categories1-Dec-2010Revista de la Union Matematica Argentina; 51(1); 27-50M23
15Femić, Bojana Azumaya corings, braided Hopf-Galois theory and Brauer groups2008doctoral thesis: Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciencies, Free University of Brussels (VUB), BelgiumM70
16Caenepeel, Stefaan; Femić, Bojana The brauer group of azumaya corings and the second cohomology group1-Apr-2005K-Theory; 34(4); 361-393M22