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1Stević, Stevo ; Iričanin, Bratislav; Kosmala, WitoldOn a Class of Difference Equations with Interlacing Indices of the Fourth Order2023Acta Applicandae Mathematicae; 184(1); 8~M22
2Stević, Stevo Solvability and representations of the general solutions to some nonlinear difference equations of second order2023AIMS Mathematics; 8(7); 15148-15165~M21a
3Stević, Stevo Norms of a Product of Integral and Composition Operators between Some Bloch-Type Spaces2023Axioms; 12(5); 491~M22
4Stević, Stevo Norms of some operators between weighted-type spaces and weighted Lebesgue spaces2023AIMS Mathematics; 8(2); 4022-4041~M21a
5Stević, Stevo Note on a new class of operators between some spaces of holomorphic functions2023AIMS Mathematics; 8(2); 4153-4167~M21a
6Stević, Stevo ; Tollu, Durhasan TurgutOn a two-dimensional nonlinear system of difference equations close to the bilinear system2023AIMS Mathematics; 8(9); 20561-20575~M21a
7Stević, Stevo ; Ueki, Sei IchiroPOLYNOMIAL DIFFERENTIATION COMPOSITION OPERATORS FROM Hp SPACES TO WEIGHTED–TYPE SPACES ON THE UNIT BALL2023Journal of Mathematical Inequalities; 17(1); 365-379~M21a
8Stević, Stevo ; Iričanin, Bratislav; Kosmala, WitoldOn a family of nonlinear difference equations of the fifth order solvable in closed form2023AIMS Mathematics; 8(10); 22662-22674~M21a
9Stević, Stevo On a class of recursive relations for calculating square roots of numbers10-Aug-2022Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing~M21a
10Stević, Stevo ; Iričanin, Bratislav; Kosmala, Witold; Šmarda, ZdeněkNote on difference equations with the right-hand side function nonincreasing in each variable1-Jan-2022Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 1; 25~M21a
11Stević, Stevo Norm and essential norm of an integral-type operator from the logarithmic Bloch space to the Bloch-type space on the unit ball2022Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences; 45(17); 11905-11915~M21
12Stević, Stevo On integer parts of the reciprocal remainders of some sums2022Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2022(1); 139~M21a
13Stević, Stevo ; Iričanin, Bratislav; Kosmala, Witold; Šmarda, ZdeněkOn a solvable class of nonlinear difference equations of fourth order2022Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations; 37; 1-17~M21a
14Stević, Stevo Solvability of thirty-six three-dimensional systems of difference equations of hyperbolic-cotangent type2022Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations; 26; 1-34~M21a
15Stević, Stevo Application of Equilibrium Points in Solving Difference Equations and a New Class of Solvable Nonlinear Systems of Difference Equations2022Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis; 23(1); 1-17~M22
16Stević, Stevo ; Iričanin, Bratislav; Kosmala, Witold; Šmarda, ZdeněkOn a nonlinear second-order difference equation2022Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2022(1); 88~M21a
17Stević, Stevo ; El-Sayed Ahmed, A.; Iričanin, Bratislav; Kosmala, WitoldHigher order difference equations with homogeneous governing functions nonincreasing in each variable with unbounded solutions2022Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2022(1); 81~M21a
18Stević, Stevo ; Huang, Cheng Shi; Jiang, Zhi JieSum of some product-type operators from Hardy spaces to weighted-type spaces on the unit ball2022Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences; 45(17); 11581-11600~M21
19Stević, Stevo New class of three-dimensional close-to-cyclic systems of difference equations solvable in closed form8-Dec-2021Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
20Stević, Stevo ; Ahmed, A. El Sayed; Kosmala, Witold; Šmarda, ZdeněkOn a class of difference equations with interlacing indices1-Dec-2021Advances in Difference Equations; 297~M21a


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