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1Baudier, Florent P.; Braga, Bruno M.; Farah, Ilijas ; Vignati, Alessandro; Willett, RufusEmbeddings of von Neumann algebras into uniform Roe algebras and quasi-local algebras2024Journal of Functional Analysis; 286(1); 110186~M21
2Farah, Ilijas The Calkin algebra, Kazhdan's property (T), and strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras1-Jan-2023Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society~M21
3Calderón, Daniel; Farah, Ilijas Can you take Akemann–Weaver's ⋄ℵ1 away?2023Journal of Functional Analysis; 285(5); 110017~M21
4Braga, Bruno M.; Farah, Ilijas ; Vignati, AlessandroGENERAL UNIFORM ROE ALGEBRA RIGIDITY1-Jul-2022Annales de l'Institut Fourier; 72(1); 301-337M22
5Baudier, Florent P.; Braga, Bruno M.; Farah, Ilijas ; Khukhro, Ana; Vignati, Alessandro; Willett, RufusUniform Roe algebras of uniformly locally finite metric spaces are rigid2022Inventiones Mathematicae; 230; 1071-1100~M21a
6Farah, Ilijas ; Shelah, SaharonBETWEEN REDUCED POWERS AND ULTRAPOWERS, II2022Transactions of the American Mathematical Society; 375(12); 9007-9034~M21
7Farah, Ilijas ; Manhal, NajlaNonseparable CCR algebras30-Sep-2021International Journal of Mathematics; 2150094~M23
8Farah, Ilijas ; Magidor, MenachemCorson reflections1-May-2021Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 172(5); 102908~M21
9Farah, Ilijas ; Ilan HirshbergA Rigid Hyperfinite Type II1 Factor27-Apr-2020International Mathematics Research Notices; rnaa067
10Farah, Ilijas ; Hirshberg, Ilan; Vignati, AlessandroThe Calkin algebra is ℵ1 -universal1-Mar-2020Israel Journal of Mathematics; 237; 287-309M22
11Braga, Bruno; Farah, Ilijas ; Vignati, AlessandroEmbeddings of Uniform Roe Algebras1-Jan-2019Communications in Mathematical PhysicsM21
12Farah, Ilijas Combinatorial set theory of C*-algebras1-Jan-20191-507
13Farah, Ilijas Preface1-Jan-2019Springer Monographs in Mathematics; vii-viii
14Farah, Ilijas ; Magidor, MenachemOmitting types in logic of metric structures1-Dec-2018Journal of Mathematical Logic; 18(2)M21a
15Farah, Ilijas ; McKenney, PaulHomeomorphisms of čech-stone remainders: The zero-dimensional case1-Jan-2018Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 146(5); 2253-2262M22
16Eagle, Christopher James; Farah, Ilijas ; Kirchberg, Eberhard; Vignati, AlessandroQuantifier elimination in C*-algebras1-Dec-2017International Mathematics Research Notices; 2017(24); 7580-7606M21
17Farah, Ilijas ; Hirshberg, IlanSimple nuclear C∗-algebras not isomorphic to their opposites13-Jun-2017Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; 114(24); 6244-6249M21a
18Farah, Ilijas ; Hart, Bradd; Rørdam, Mikael; Tikuisis, AaronRelative commutants of strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras1-Jan-2017Selecta Mathematica, New Series; 23(1); 363-387M21
19Farah, Ilijas A new bicommutant theorem1-Jan-2017Pacific Journal of Mathematics; 288(1); 69-85M22
20Farah, Ilijas ; Rørdam, MikaelAxiomatizability of the stable rank of C*-algebras25-Nov-2016Münster Journal of Mathematics; 10(2); 269-275


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PROJECT 1630Representation of Proofs with Applications, Classification of Structures and Infinite Combinatorics01-01-200231-12-2005Došen, Kosta