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1Anđelić, Milica; Cardoso, Domingos; Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranThe main vertices of a star set and related graph parameters1-Dec-2021Discrete Mathematics; 344(12); 112593~M22
2Anđelić, Milica; Du, Zhibin; da Fonseca, Carlos; Simić, Slobodan Tridiagonal Matrices and Spectral Properties of Some Graph Classes23-Apr-2020Czechoslovak Mathematical JournalM23
3Anđelić, Milica; Ashraf, Firouzeh; da Fonseca, Carlos; Simić, Slobodan Vertex types in some lexicographic products of graphs2-Nov-2019Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 67(11); 2282-2296M21
4Anđelić, Milica; Simić, Slobodan ; Živković, DejanReflexive Line Graphs of Trees and Salem Numbers1-Oct-2019Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics; 16(5)M21
5Anđelić, Milica; Ghorbani, Ebrahim; Simić, Slobodan Vertex types in threshold and chain graphs30-Sep-2019Discrete Applied Mathematics; 269; 159-168M22
6Alazemi, Abdullah; Anđelić, Milica; Simić, Slobodan On eigenvalue inequalities of a matrix whose graph is bipartite1-Jan-2019Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2019M21
7Anđelić, Milica; Simić, Slobodan ; Živković, Dejan; Dolićanin, EdinFast algorithms for computing the characteristic polynomial of threshold and chain graphs1-Sep-2018Applied Mathematics and Computation; 332; 329-337M21a
8Alazemi, Abdullah; Anđelić, Milica; Simić, Slobodan On the spectral invariants of symmetric matrices with applications in the spectral graph theory1-Jan-2017Filomat; 31(10); 2925-2932M22
9Cardoso, Domingos; Carvalho, Paula; Rama, Paula; Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranLexicographic polynomials of graphs and their spectra1-Jan-2017Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 11(2); 258-272M22
10Belardo, Francesco; Sciriha, Irene; Simić, Slobodan On eigenspaces of some compound signed graphs Dedicated to the memory of Lucia Gionfriddo (1973–2008)15-Nov-2016Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 509; 19-39M21
11Alazemi, Abdullah; Anđelić, Milica; Simić, Slobodan Eigenvalue location for chain graphs15-Sep-2016Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 505; 194-210M21
12Belardo, Francesco; Pisanski, Tomaž; Simić, Slobodan On graphs whose least eigenvalue is greater than –22-Aug-2016Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 64(8); 1570-1582M21
13Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranPolynomial reconstruction of signed graphs15-Jul-2016Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 501; 390-408M21
14Belardo, Francesco; Li Marzi, Enzo; Simić, Slobodan Signed line graphs with least eigenvalue -2: The star complement technique10-Jul-2016Discrete Applied Mathematics; 207; 29-38M22
15Simić, Slobodan ; Živković, Dejan; Anđelić, Milica; da Fonseca, CarlosReflexive line graphs of trees1-Mar-2016Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics; 43(2); 447-464M21
16Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranPolynomial reconstruction of signed graphs whose least eigenvalue is close to -21-Jan-2016Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; 31(1); 740-753M23
17Cvetković, Dragoš; Rowlinson, Peter; Simić, Slobodan Graphs with least eigenvalue -2: Ten years on1-Nov-2015Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 484; 504-539M21
18Anđelić, Milica; Andrade, Enide; Cardoso, Domingos; Da Fonseca, Carlos; Simić, Slobodan ; Tošić, DejanSome new considerations about double nested graphs2-Jul-2015Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 483; 323-341M21
19Belardo, Francesco; Simić, Slobodan On the Laplacian coefficients of signed graphs15-Jun-2015Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 475; 94-113M21
20Petrović, Miroslav; Simić, Slobodan A note on connected bipartite graphs of fixed order and size with maximal index4-Jun-2015Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 483; 21-29M21


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