Authors: Alazemi, Abdullah
Anđelić, Milica
Simić, Slobodan 
Title: On eigenvalue inequalities of a matrix whose graph is bipartite
Journal: Journal of Inequalities and Applications
Volume: 2019
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Rank: M21
ISSN: 1029-242X
DOI: 10.1186/s13660-019-2001-2
We consider the set of real zero diagonal symmetric matrices whose underlying graph, if not told otherwise, is bipartite. Then we establish relations between the eigenvalues of such matrices and those arising from their bipartite complement. Some accounts on interval matrices are provided. We also provide a partial answer to the still open problem posed in (Zhan in SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl. 27:851–860, 2006).
Keywords: Bipartite complement of matrix | Eigenvalue bounds | Interlacing property | Interval matrices
Publisher: Springer Link

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