Representations of logical structures and formal languages and their application in computing

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PROJECT 174026
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Representations of logical structures and formal languages and their application in computing
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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
1Ilić, Velimir ; Đorđević, IvanOn the α-q-mutual information and the α-q-capacities1-Jun-2021Entropy; 23(6); 702~M22
2Zekić, Mladen Biproducts in monoidal categories2021Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 110(124); 1-9M24
3Gowers, Tim; Milićević, Luka A bilinear version of Bogolyubov’s theorem1-Nov-2020Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 148(11); 4695-4704M22
4Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Stationarily ordered types and the number of countable models1-Mar-2020Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 171(3)M21
5Tomović, Siniša ; Ognjanović, Zoran ; Doder, DraganA First-order Logic for Reasoning about Knowledge and Probability2-Feb-2020ACM Transactions on Computational Logic; 21(2); 16:1-16:30M22
6Milićević, Luka An improved upper bound for the grid Ramsey problem1-Jan-2020Journal of Graph Theory; 94(4); 509-517M22
7Gajović, Stevan; Petrić, Zoran ; Telebaković Onić, SonjaA faithful 2-dimensional TQFT1-Jan-2020Homology, Homotopy and Applications; 22(1); 391-399M23
8Ghilezan, Silvia ; Ivetić, Jelena; Kašterović, Simona; Ognjanović, Zoran ; Savić, NenadTowards Probabilistic Reasoning in Type Theory - The Intersection Type Case1-Jan-2020Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 11th International Symposium on Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems, FoIKS 2020; Dortmund; Germany; 17 February 2020 through 21 February 2020; 12012 LNCS; 122-139M33
9Milićević, Luka Classification theorem for strong triangle blocking arrangements1-Jan-2020Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 107(121); 1-36M24
10Doder, Dragan; Savić, Nenad; Ognjanović, Zoran Multi-agent Logics for Reasoning About Higher-Order Upper and Lower Probabilities1-Jan-2020Journal of Logic, Language and Information; 29; 77-107M21
11Marinković, Bojan ; Ognjanović, Zoran ; Glavan, Paola; Kos, Anton; Umek, AntonCorrectness of the chord protocol1-Jan-2020Computer Science and Information Systems; 17(1); 141-160M23
12Ilić, Velimir ; Scarfone, Antonio Maria; Wada, TatsuakiEquivalence between four versions of thermostatistics based on strongly pseudoadditive entropies26-Dec-2019Physical Review E; 100(6)M21
13Baralić, Đorđe ; Ivanović, Jelena; Petrić, Zoran A simple permutoassociahedronDec-2019Discrete Mathematics; 342(12)M22
14Milićević, Luka Polynomial bound for partition rank in terms of analytic rank1-Oct-2019Geometric and Functional Analysis; 29(5); 1503-1530M21a
15Popović, Miroslav; Popović, Marko; Ghilezan, Silvia ; Kordić, BranislavFormal verification of python software transactional memory serializability based on the push/pull semantic model2-Sep-2019ACM International Conference Proceeding Series; 6th Conference on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, ECBS 2019; Bucharest; Romania; 2 September 2019 through 3 September 2019
16Marinković, Bojan ; Glavan, Paola; Ognjanović, Zoran ; Studer, ThomasA temporal epistemic logic with a non-rigid set of agents for analyzing the blockchain protocol1-Sep-2019Journal of Logic and Computation; 29(5); 803-830M21
17Krapež, Aleksandar ; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Solving linear equations by fuzzy quasigroups techniques1-Jul-2019Information Sciences; 491; 179-189M21a
18Milićević, Luka Covering complete graphs by monochromatically bounded sets1-Apr-2019Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 13(1); 85-110M21
19Ghilezan, Silvia ; Jakšić, Svetlana; Pantović, Jovanka; Scalas, Alceste; Yoshida, NobukoPrecise subtyping for synchronous multiparty sessions1-Apr-2019Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming; 104; 127-173M21
20Marinković, Bojan ; Glavan, Paola; Ognjanović, Zoran Proving properties of the Chord protocol using the ASM formalism17-Jan-2019Theoretical Computer Science; 756; 64-93M23