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Milićević, Luka
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1Milićević, Luka INVERSE THEOREM FOR CERTAIN DIRECTIONAL GOWERS UNIFORMITY NORMS2023Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 113(127); 1-56M24
2Milićević, Luka Quantitative inverse theorem for gowers uniformity norms U5 and U6 in Fn22023Canadian Journal of Mathematics~M21
3Milićević, Luka Approximately symmetric forms far from being exactly symmetric2023Combinatorics, Probability and Computing; 32(2); 299-315~M22
4Milićević, Luka Approximate quadratic varieties2023Nilpotent structures in topological dynamics, ergodic theory and combinatorics, Bedlewo, Poland, June 4-9, 2023M32
5Gowers, W. T.; Milićević, Luka A note on extensions of multilinear maps defined on multilinear varieties2021Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society; 64(2); 148-173M22
6Gowers, Tim; Milićević, Luka A bilinear version of Bogolyubov’s theorem1-Nov-2020Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 148(11); 4695-4704M22
7Milićević, Luka An improved upper bound for the grid Ramsey problem1-Jan-2020Journal of Graph Theory; 94(4); 509-517M22
8Milićević, Luka Classification theorem for strong triangle blocking arrangements1-Jan-2020Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 107(121); 1-36M24
9Milićević, Luka Polynomial bound for partition rank in terms of analytic rank1-Oct-2019Geometric and Functional Analysis; 29(5); 1503-1530M21a
10Milićević, Luka Covering complete graphs by monochromatically bounded sets1-Apr-2019Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 13(1); 85-110M21
11Leader, Imre; Milićević, Luka ; Tan, Ta ShengDecomposing the complete r-graph1-Feb-2018Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A; 154; 21-31M21
12Milićević, Luka Topics in metric geometry, combinatorial geometry, extremal combinatorics and additive combinatorics2018doctoral thesis: Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of CambridgeM70
13Milićević, Luka Sets in Almost General Position1-Sep-2017Combinatorics Probability and Computing; 26(5); 720-745M22
14Milićević, Luka Commuting contractive families1-Jan-2015Fundamenta Mathematicae; 231(3); 225-272M22
15Milićević, Luka Contractive families on compact spaces1-Jan-2014Mathematika; 60(2); 444-462M22