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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Blagojević, Pavle ; Ziegler, GünterThe ideal-valued index for a dihedral group action, and mass partition by two hyperplanes1-Aug-2011Topology and its Applications; 158(12); 1326-1351M23
Farah, Ilijas Ideals induced by Tsirelson submeasures1-Jan-1999Fundamenta Mathematicae; 159(3); 243-258M22
Šegan-Radonjić, Marija Identification of Some Historiographic Dilemma on a Example of Digitization of Selected Publications of the Hydrographic Institute in Split2011The Sixth SEEDI Conference Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage; 52-52M30
Došen, Kosta IDentity Of Proofs Based On Normalization And Generality1-Jan-2003Bulletin of Symbolic Logic; 9(4); 477-503M21
Šarčević, Zoran; Tepavčević, Andreja Iliotibial band tightness and internal rotation of the tibia in the stance phase of running associated with patella instability2024Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics Part B; 33(1); 83-89~M23
Živaljević, Rade Illumination complexes, Δ-zonotopes, and the polyhedral curtain theorem1-Jan-2015Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications; 48(3); 225-236M22
Baralić, Đorđe ; Spasojević, IgorIllumination of Pascal’s Hexagrammum and Octagrammum Mysticum1-Jan-2015Discrete and Computational Geometry; 53(2); 414-427M21
Mihaljević, Miodrag J. Illustrative Examples on Interactions of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology - Keynote Talk2022International High-End Technology Seminar on Artificial Inteligence, Jinan, China, 13-15 Sept. 2022M32
Janev, Marko ; Atanacković, Teodor; Pilipović, Stevan; Obradović, RadovanImage denoising by a direct variational minimization1-Jun-2011EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing; 2011(8)M23
Đorđević, Predrag; Manojlović, JelenaImpact of Allee effect in Leslie-Gower model with increasing functional response1-Jan-2024Filomat; 38(4); 1221-1254~M22
Ćirković, Petar ; Manojlović, Jelena V.Impact of Michaelis–Menten type harvesting of predators in a predator-prey model with Holling type II functional response and Allee effect on prey1-Jan-2024Filomat; 38(5); 1623-1661~M22
Jakovljević, Nikša; Popović, Branislav; Janev, Marko ; Delić, VladoThe impact of the pitch on the estimation of MFCC1-Dec-20112011 19th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2011 - Proceedings of Papers; 19th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2011; Belgrade; Serbia; 22 November 2011 through 24 November 2011; 651-654
Škundrić, Predrag; Korać, Vanja ; Davidovac, ZoranImplementation and management of security information and event management tools in information systems through the MSSP model15-Nov-2019Arheologija i prirodne nauke; 15; 99-105M52
Todorović, Milan ; Knežević, Milica ; Ševerdija, D.; Jelić, S.; Mihaljević, Miodrag J. Implementation Framework of a Blockchain Based Infrastructure for Electricity Trading within a Microgrid2024EAI CollaborateCom 2023 - 19th EAI International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing", October 4-6, 2023, Corfu Island, Greece; Proceedings; Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing; LNICST 561; 38-53M33
Veličkovska, Ivana Implementation of a SWOT-AHP methodology for strategic development of a district heating plant in fuzzy environment2022Strategic Management; 27(1); 43-56M24
Milenković, Branislav Implementation of Harris Hawks Optimization (HHO) algorithm to solve engineering problems2021Tehnika; 76(4); 439-446M51
Veličkovska, Ivana ; Stanujkić, Maja; Stanujkić, Ana; Gavrilović, Dijana; Dimitievska, DraganaImplementation of the ecotourism concept in the National park Djerdap - business improvement2017Engineering Management – The International Student Journal for Theory and Practice of Management Science; 3(2); 12-25M50
Zdravković, Aleksandra; Šegan-Radonjić, Marija ; Vujošević, Sandra; Lajbenšperger, Milica; Đurković Đorđević, IvanaImplementing Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage In Dr Archibald Reiss Primary School2016Review of the National Center for Digitization; 28; 50-54M53
Veličkovska, Ivana The importance of teamwork in marketing: A case study201811th International Student Conference, Teams and Leaders: the way to success; 246-253M33
Jočić, Dragan Impossibility Theorem in the Arrovian Framework2003Proceedings of the 1st Serbian-Hungarian Joint Symposium on Intelligent Systems; 1st Serbian-Hungarian Joint Symposium on Intelligent Systems (SISY 2003), Subotica, September 19-20, 2003; 201-213M33