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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Zorica, Dušan ; Cvetićanin, StevanFractional telegrapher’s equation in modeling transmission lines and heat conduction201812th Conference of the Society of Physicists of Macedonia (CSPM 2018)M30
Mihaljević, Miodrag J. A Framework for Data Encryption Based on Joint Employment of Cryptography and Coding20162016 South East European Forum on Data Science (2016 SEE FDS), Srbija, 20. - 21. Jun, 2016M31
Mihaljević, Miodrag J. A Framework for Stream Ciphers Based on Pseudorandomness, Randomness and Coding2009Enhancing Cryptographic Primitives with Techniques from Error Correcting Codes; 23; 117-139M14
Mihaljević, Miodrag J. ; Imai, HidekiFramework of a novel technique for algebraic and fast correlation attacks based on dedicated sample decimation2004The State of the Art of Stream Ciphers - SASC2004, Bruge, Belgium; 190-201M30
Hedrih, Katica (Stevanović) ; Hedrih, Anđelka Free and forced modes of fractional-type torsional oscillations of a complex rod202210th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference - ENOC 2020, July 17-22, 2022, Lyon, FranceM34
Todorčević, Stevo Free sequences1-Jan-1990Topology and its Applications; 35(2-3); 235-238M23
Milenković, Branislav ; Karličić, Danilo ; Krstić, Mladen; Jovanović, Đorđe Free Transverse Vibration Analysis of a Rayleigh Double-Beam System With a Keer Middle Layer Subjected to Compressive Axial Load2022Scientific Technical Review; 71(2); 36-40M52
Cvetićanin, Stevan; Zorica, Dušan ; Rapaić, MilanFrequency Characteristics of Two Topologies Representing Fractional Order Transmission Line Model1-Jan-2020Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing; 39(1); 456-473M22
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaFrom Kowalevski Top to Jurdjevic elasticae20134th International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics, June 4-7, 2013; 193-198M30
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanFull Fuzzy Fractional Programming Based on the Extension Principle2023International Symposium SymOrg 2022: Sustainable Business Management and Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID Era; Proceeding; 562 LNNS; 43-60M33
Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade Fulton-MacPherson compactification, cyclohedra, and the polygonal pegs problem1-Aug-2011Israel Journal of Mathematics; 184(1); 221-249M21
Bárány, Imre; Blagojević, Pavle ; Dimitrijević-Blagojević, Aleksandra Functions, Measures, and Equipartitioning Convex k-Fans1-Jan-2013Discrete and Computational Geometry; 49(2); 382-401M22
Lazarević, Mihailo; Batalov, Srećko; Cajić, Milan ; Mandić, PetarFurther results on integer and non-integer order PID control of robotic system2013XLVIII INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION AND ENERGY SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES ICEST 2013; 801-804M30
Petrović, Miroslav; Aleksić, Tatjana; Simić, Slobodan Further results on the least eigenvalue of connected graphs1-Nov-2011Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 435(9); 2303-2313M22
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Jelena ; Velimirović, Lazar Fuzzy Bayesian Nets and Influence Diagrams with Cognitive Numerical Judgment of Imprecise Probabilities2019Applying Fuzzy Logic for the Digital Economy and Society; 149-168M42
Marković, Zoran ; Janjić, Aleksandar; Stanković, Miomir; Velimirović, Lazar Fuzzy Influence Diagrams in Power Systems Diagnostics20144th International Conference on Information Society and Technology ICIST 2014; 174-179M33
Dautović, Šejla ; Zekić, Mladen Fuzzy logic and enriched categories1-May-2021Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems; 18(3); 1-11~M21a
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Dzitac, Simona; Dzitac, IoanFuzzy Numbers and Fractional Programming in Making Decisions2020International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making; 19(4); 1123-1147M21
Krapež, Aleksandar ; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Fuzzy Pexider equations and applications to fuzzy control23-Oct-2012IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems; 2012 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, FUZZ 2012; Brisbane, QLD; Australia; 10 June 2012 through 15 June 2012M33
Stepanović, Vanja; Tepavčević, AndrejaFuzzy sets (in)equations with a complete codomain lattice2022Kybernetika; 58(2); 145-162~M23