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Chang, Der Chen; Stević, Stevo Addendum to the paper "a note on weighted Bergman spaces and the Cesàro operator"1-Dec-2005Nagoya Mathematical Journal; 180; 77-90M21
Chang, Der Chen; Stević, Stevo Estimates of an integral operator on function spaces1-Jan-2003Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics; 7(3); 423-432M23
Chang, Der Chen; Stević, Stevo The generalized cesàro operator on the unit polydisk1-Jan-2003Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics; 7(2); 293-308M23
Chang, Der Chen; Li, Songxiao; Stević, Stevo On some integral operators on the unit polydisk and the unit ball1-Jan-2007Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics; 11(5); 1251-1285M23
Chang, Der Chen; Stević, Stevo On the recursive sequence x n+1 = α + (βx n−1 )/(1 + g(x n ))1-Jan-2003Applicable Analysis; 82(2); 145-156