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Atanasovska, Ivana ; Hedrih, Katica (Stevanović) ; Momčilović, DejanA theoretical model for vibro-impact dynamics of spur gears with tooth flanks wear2019First International Nonlinear Dynamics Conference - NODYCON2019; 37-38M30
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, DejanANALYSIS OF CONTACT FATIGUE COUPLED WITH GEOMETRY AND MATERIAL NONLINEARITIES BY THEORY OF CRITICAL DISTANCES20222nd Conference on Nonlinearity, Belgrade, October 18 - 22, 2021; 27-47M33
Momčilović, Dejan; Atanasovska, Ivana Analysis of hertz contact stresses for metallic material with carbides20218th International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics, Kragujevac, Serbia, June 28-30, 2021; 216-218M34
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, DejanAnalysis of new tooth profile design based on the biomimetics principles2023International Conference on Gears 2023, Gearching/Munich, Germany, September 13-15, 2023.; 945-955M33
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Mitrović, Radivoje; Momčilović, Dejan; Subić, AleksandarAnalysis of the nominal load effects on gear load capacity using the finite-element method1-Nov-2010Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science; 224(11); 2539-2548M23
Momčilović, Dejan; Atanasovska, Ivana APPLICATION OF GRADIENT ELASTICITY ON CORROSION FATIGUE DAMAGE ASSESSMENT20176th International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics; 1-4M30
Mitrović, Radivoje; Momčilović, Dejan; Atanasovska, Ivana Assessment of the effect of pitting corrosion on fatigue crack initiation in hydro turbine shaft1-Jan-2013Advanced Materials Research; 633; 186-196M50
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, Dejan; Lazović, Tatjana; Marinković, Aleksandar; Soldat, NatašaBiomimetics Design of Tooth Root Zone at Cylindrical Gears Profile2023Biomimetics; 8(3); 308~M21
Momčilović, Dejan; Subić, Aleksandar; Atanasovska, Ivana ; Mitrović, RadivojeCombined load simulation vs component loads simulation in machine design - a case study17-Feb-2014FME Transactions; 42(1); 48-55M24
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, Dejan; Burzić, Meri; Vuherer, TomažCoupled nonlinear problems in finite element analysis – a case study1-Jan-2012Structural Integrity and Life; Twelfth Meeting “New Trends in Fatigue and Fracture” (NT2F12) Brasov, Romania, 27–30 May, 2012; 12(3); 201-208M24
Momčilović, Dejan; Atanasovska, Ivana ; Mitrović, RadivojeDesign of the transition zone of turbine shaft to flange by biomimetics principles20184th International Scientific Conference ”Conference on Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Applications” – COMETA2018; 458-463M30
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, Dejan; Gavrilovski, MiloradDevelopment of the universal tool for testing of tensile properties of hexagonal steel wire mesh for civil engineering2018Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; 24(2); 113-122M51
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, DejanDynamics of complex systems consist of deformable bodies in contact - the new approach20176th International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics; 1-6M30
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Vukšić Popović, Marija; Momčilović, DejanDynamics of train composition as a discrete non-homogeneous chain system201714th International conference Dynamical Systems - Theory and Applications; 125-125M30
Mitrović, Radivoje; Atanasovska, Ivana ; Soldat, Nataša; Momčilović, DejanEffects of operation temperature on thermal expansion and main parameters of radial ball bearings1-Jan-2015Thermal Science; 19(5); 1835-1844M22
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Mitrović, Radivoje; Momčilović, DejanExplicit parametric method for optimal spur gear tooth profile definition1-Jan-2013Advanced Materials Research; 633; 87-102M50
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, DejanFailure analysis of atr 72 tow bar – opportunity for re-design for inspection202010th EASN Virtual International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens, 2-4. September, 2020., Salerno, Italy; 75M34
Momčilović, Dejan; Hut, Nenad; Milović, Ljubica; Atanasovska, Ivana Failure analysis of chain bracket1-Jan-2011Structural Integrity and Life; Eleventh Meeting “New Trends in Fatigue and Fracture” (NT2F11), Polignano a Mare, Italy, 3–6 July, 2011; 11(2); 123-126M51
Momčilović, Dejan; Odanović, Zoran; Mitrović, Radivoje; Atanasovska, Ivana ; Vuherer, TomažFailure analysis of hydraulic turbine shaft1-Mar-2012Engineering Failure Analysis; 20; 54-66M22
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, Dejan; Burzić, Meri; Vuherer, TomažThe finite element analysis of kinetic energy absorbers for railway vehicle1-Feb-2012Strojarstvo : časopis za teoriju i praksu u strojarstvu; 54(1); 5-16