Authors: Momčilović, Dejan
Hut, Nenad
Milović, Ljubica
Atanasovska, Ivana 
Title: Failure analysis of chain bracket
Other Titles: Analiza loma spojnice lanca
Journal: Structural Integrity and Life
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
First page: 123
Last page: 126
Conference: Eleventh Meeting “New Trends in Fatigue and Fracture” (NT2F11), Polignano a Mare, Italy, 3–6 July, 2011
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2011
Rank: M51
ISSN: 1451-3749
In spite of numerous and expensive research in the field of fatigue and fracture and regular control of end products, cracks occur every day in all fields of human activity. This paper describes failure analysis of chain brackets, used in conveyor systems for cement production. Chain type bucket elevators utilize chain brackets for joining segments of chain as well as for attaching brackets for bulk material transport. The contact zone between chain link and bracket is one of the most stressed in this elevator system. During regular maintenance, cracks are found on used and new brackets in the case hardened zone. Case hardening of the chain bracket is performed due to requirements for increased wear resistance of the chain link contact. The occurrence of cracks in new brackets raised the question regarding the origin of cracks and it is the main subject of this paper. This paper also suggests a solution for avoidance of cracks on chain brackets.
Keywords: Bulk material | Chain bracket | Conveyor | Cracks | Hardening zone
Publisher: Society for Structural Integrity and Life (DIVK)
Project: Pressure equipment integrity under simultaneous effect of fatigue loading and temperature 

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