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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Dragović, Branko; Rakić, ZoranNoncommutative classical and quantum mechanics for quadratic Lagrangians (Hamiltonians)22-Oct-2009Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics; 265(1); 82-91
Dragović, BrankoNonlocal field theory and p-adic strings1-Dec-2011Annals of the University of Craiova, Physics; 21(1 SPEC. ISSUE); 101-106
Dimitrijević, Ivan; Dragović, Branko; Rakić, Zoran; Stanković, JelenaOn nonlocal gravity with constant scalar curvature1-Jan-2018Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 103(117); 53-59
Dragović, BrankoOn Nonlocal Modified Gravity And Cosmology1-Jan-2014Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics; 111; 251-262
Dimitrijevic, Ivan; Dragović, Branko; Stankovic, Jelena; Koshelev, Alexey S.; Rakic, ZoranOn nonlocal modified gravity and its cosmological solutions1-Jan-2016Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics; 191; 35-51
Dragović, BrankoOn summation of p-adic series1-Jan-2018Contemporary Mathematics; 704; 127-138
Dragović, Branko; Mišić, Natašap-Adic hierarchical properties of the genetic code1-Nov-2019BioSystems; 185
Dragović, Branko; Dragovich, Alexandrap-adic modelling of the genome and the genetic code1-May-2010Computer Journal; 53(4); 432-442
Dimitrijevic, Ivan; Dragović, Branko; Grujic, Jelena; Rakic, ZoranSome Power-Law Cosmological Solutions In Nonlocal Modified Gravity1-Jan-2014Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics; 111; 241-250
Dragović, Branko; Khrennikov, Andrei Yu; Mišicć, NatasăSummation of p-adic functional series in integer points1-Jan-2017Filomat; 31(5); 1339-1347
Dragović, BrankoTowards effective Lagrangians for adelic strings1-Jun-2009Fortschritte der Physik; 57(5-7); 546-551
Dragović, BrankoTowards p-adic artificial language1-Jan-2019Filomat; 33(4); 1227-1233
Dragović, Branko; Khrennikov, Andrei Yu; Mišić, NatašaUltrametrics in the genetic code and the genome15-Sep-2017Applied Mathematics and Computation; 309; 350-358
Dimitrijevic, Ivan; Dragović, Branko; Rakic, Zoran; Stankovic, JelenaVariations of Infinite Derivative Modified Gravity1-Jan-2018Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics; 263; 91-111