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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Dragović, Branko ; Radyno, Ya; Khrennikov, AnderiDistributions on adeles1-Apr-2007Journal of Mathematical Sciences; 142(3); 2105-2112
Accardi, Luigi; Dragović, Branko ; Katanaev, M. O.; Khrennikov, Andrei Yu; Kozlov, Valeriy; Kozyrev, Sergei; Murtagh, Fionn; Ohya, Masanoroy; Varadarajan, V. S.; Vladimirov, VasiliiIgor V. Volovich1-Jan-2012P-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis, and Applications; 4(1)
Dragović, Branko Invariance in adelic quantum mechanics1-Nov-2006Czechoslovak Journal of Physics; 56(10-11); 1137-1142M23
Dragović, Branko ; Khrennikov, Andrei; Mihajlović, DušanLinear fraction P-Adic and adelic dynamical systems1-Aug-2007Reports on Mathematical Physics; 60(1); 55-68M23
Dimitrijević, Ivan; Dragović, Branko ; Grujić, Jelena; Rakić, ZoranNew cosmological solutions in 2 nonlocal modified gravity5-Apr-2013Romanian Reports of Physics; 58(5-6)M23
Dimitrijević, Ivan; Dragović, Branko ; Grujić, Jelena; Rakić, ZoranA new model of nonlocal modified gravity19-Dec-2013Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 94(108); 187-196
Dragović, Branko ; Dugić, MiroljubOn decoherence in noncommutative plane with perpendicular magnetic field22-Jul-2005Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General; 38(29); 6603-6611M21
Dimitrijević, Ivan; Dragović, Branko ; Grujić, Jelena; Rakić, ZoranOn modified gravity1-Jan-2013Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics; 36; 251-259
Dimitrijević, Ivan; Dragović, Branko ; Rakić, Zoran; Stanković, JelenaOn nonlocal modified gravity1-Jan-2020Chebyshevskii Sbornik; 21(2); 109-138M51
Dragović, Branko On p-adic and Adelic generalization of quantum field theory1-Sep-2001Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements; 102-103(1-3); 150-155M23
Dragović, Branko ; Khrennikov, Yu; Kozyrev, Sergei; Volovich, IgorOn p-adic mathematical physics1-Mar-2009P-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis, and Applications; 1(1)
Dragović, Branko On p-adic sector of open scalar strings and zeta field theory26-Aug-2010AIP Conference Proceedings; 1243; 43-50
Dragović, Branko P-adic and adelic cosmology: P-adic origin of dark energy and dark matter29-Mar-2006AIP Conference Proceedings; 826; 25-42
Đorđević, Goran; Nešić, Ljubiša; Dragović, Branko p-Adic and adelic free relativistic particle20-Feb-1999Modern Physics Letters A; 14(5); 317-325M22
Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko p-ADIC and adelic harmonic oscillator with a time-dependent frequency1-Jan-2000Theoretical and Mathematical Physics; 124(2); 1059-1067M23
Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko ; Nešić, Ljubiša; Volovich, Igorp-ADIC and AdELIC minisuperspace quantum cosmology20-Apr-2002International Journal of Modern Physics A; 17(10); 1413-1433M22
Dragović, Branko ; Mihajlović, DušanP-adic and adelic rational dynamical systems1-Dec-2006Proceedings of the 4th Summer School in Modern Mathematical Physics, MPHYS 2006; 187-196
Dragović, Branko ; Dragovich, AlexandraP-adic degeneracy of the genetic code1-Dec-2006Proceedings of the 4th Summer School in Modern Mathematical Physics, MPHYS 2006; 179-186
Dragović, Branko ; Khrennikov, Andrei Yu; Kozyrev, Sergei V.; Mišić, Natašap-Adic mathematics and theoretical biology1-Jan-2021BioSystems; 199~M22
Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko p-Adic path integrals for quadratic actions28-Jun-1997Modern Physics Letters A; 12(20); 1455-1463M22