Authors: Dragović, Branko 
Mihajlović, Dušan
Title: P-adic and adelic rational dynamical systems
Journal: Proceedings of the 4th Summer School in Modern Mathematical Physics, MPHYS 2006
First page: 187
Last page: 196
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2006
In the framework of adelic approach we consider real and p-adic properties of dynamical system given by linear fractional map f(x) = (a x + b)/(cx + d), where a, b, c, and d are rational numbers. In particular, we investigate behavior of this adelic dynamical system when fixed points are rational. It is shown that any of rational fixed points is p-adic indifferent for all but a finite set of primes. Only for finite number of p-adic cases a rational fixed point may be attractive or repelling. The present analysis is a continuation of the paper math-ph/0612058. Some possible generalizations are discussed.

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