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Šarčević, Zoran; Tepavčević, Andreja Iliotibial band tightness and internal rotation of the tibia in the stance phase of running associated with patella instability2024Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics Part B; 33(1); 83-89~M23
Šarčević, Zoran; Tepavčević, Andreja Increased number of electrocardiogram findings requiring additional cardiac examination in young athletes during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: a case series24-Oct-2021Journal of International Medical Research; 49(10); 1-8~M23
Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Infinitely distributive elements in the lattice of weak congruences1990General algebra 1988 : proceedings of the international conference, held in memory of Wilfried Nöbauer; General algebra 1988 : International conference, held in memory of Wilfried Nöbauer, Krems, Austria, August 21-27, 1988; 241-253M33
Horváth, Eszter K.; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Isotone lattice-valued Boolean functions and cuts1-Jan-2015Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum; 81(3-4); 375-380
Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Kernels of residuated maps as complete congruences in lattices2020International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems; 13(1); 966-973M22
Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja L-E-Fuzzy Lattices1-Sep-2015International Journal of Fuzzy Systems; 17(3); 366-374M23
Tepavčević, Andreja ; Trajkovski, GoranL-fuzzy lattices: An introduction16-Oct-2001Fuzzy Sets and Systems; 123(2); 209-216M22
Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja ; Vojvodić, GradimirL-fuzzy sets and codes25-Jan-1993Fuzzy Sets and Systems; 53(2); 217-222M21
Jovanović, Jelena; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Lattice characterization of finite nilpotent groups1-Aug-2021Algebra Universalis; 82(3); 40~M22
Grulović, Milan; Jovanović, Jelena; Šešelja, Branislav; Tepavčević, Andreja Lattice characterization of some classes of groups by series of subgroups2022International Journal of Algebra and Computation~M23
Tepavčević, Andreja Lattice valued structures2018AAA 95; 1-2M30
Gorjanac Ranitović, Marijana; Tepavčević, Andreja A lattice-theoretical characterization of the family of cut sets of interval-valued fuzzy sets15-Feb-2018Fuzzy Sets and Systems; 333; 1-10M21a
Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Lattice-Valued Algebraic Structures Via Residuated Maps202212th European Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Mathematics, ESCIM 2020, Budapest4-7 October 2020; Computational Intelligence and Mathematics for Tackling Complex Problems 3; 7-13M33
Jiménez, Jorge; Montes, Susana; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Lattice-valued approach to closed sets under fuzzy relations: Theory and applications1-Nov-2011Computers and Mathematics with Applications; 62(10); 3729-3740M21a
Chajda, Ivan; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Lattices of compatible relations satisfying a set of formulas1-Jan-1998Algebra Universalis; 40(1); 51-58M23
Jovanović, Jelena; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Lattices with normal elements29-Nov-2021Algebra Universalis; 83; 2~M22
Janis, V.; Tepavčević, Andreja Metric in a Space with Fuzzy Compatibility1-Jan-2004Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics; 35(6); 737-745M23
Tepavčević, Andreja Mrežno vrednosne algebarske strukture i kodovi - Magistarska teza1990master thesis: Prirodno-matematički fakultet u Novom Sadu, Univerzitet u Novom SaduM71
Kwuida, Léonard; Tepavčević, Andreja ; Šešelja, BranimirNegation in contextual logic1-Jan-2004Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS 2004; 3127; 227-241M23
Pešić, Aleksandar; Pešić, Duška; Tepavčević, Andreja A new strategic tool for internal audit of the company based on fuzzy logic1-Jun-2012Computer Science and Information Systems; 9(2); 653-666M23