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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Krupiński, Krzysztof; Tanović, Predrag ; Wagner, FrankAround podewski's conjecture2-Aug-2013Fundamenta Mathematicae; 222(2); 175-193M22
Tanović, Predrag ; Moconja, Slavko; Ilić, DejanAROUND RUBIN’S “THEORIES OF LINEAR ORDER”27-Oct-2020The Journal of Symbolic Logic; 85(4); 1403-1426M22
Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Asymmetric regular types1-Jan-2015Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 166(2); 93-120M22
Tanović, Predrag Asymmetric RK-minimal types25-Jan-2010Archive for Mathematical Logic; 49(3); 367-377M22
Tanović, Predrag Colored orders with equivalence relations2017Model Theory, Bedlevo, Poljska; 5-5M30
Rašković, Miodrag ; Tanović, Predrag Completeness theorem for a monadic logic with both first-order and probability quantifiers1990Publications de l'Institut Mathématique; 47(61); 1-14M24
Tanović, Predrag Countable elementary extensions2005Novi Sad Algebra Conference 05; 5-5M30
Loveys, James; Tanović, Predrag Countable models of trivial theories which admit finite coding1-Jan-1996Journal of Symbolic Logic; 61(4); 1279-1286
Ilić, Dejan; Tanović, Predrag A definable condensation of linear orderings1-Jan-2014Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics; 44(2); 225-234M51
Chowdhury, Ambar; Loveys, James; Tanović, Predrag A definable continuous rank for nonmultidimensional superstable theories1-Jan-1996Journal of Symbolic Logic; 61(3); 967-984
Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Does weak quasi-o-minimality behave better than weak o-minimality?29-May-2021Archive for Mathematical Logic~M22
Tanović, Predrag Fundamental Order and the Number of Countable models1994doctoral thesis: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University, Montreal KanadaM70
Pillay, Anand; Tanović, Predrag Generic stability, regularity and quasiminimality2011Models, Logic and Higher-Dimensional Categories: A Tribute to the work of Mihaly Makkai; 53M14
Tanović, Predrag Generically stable regular types1-Jan-2015Journal of Symbolic Logic; 80(1); 308-321M22
Ilić, Dejan; Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Groups with finitely many countable models1-Jan-2015Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 97(111); 33-41M24
Tanović, Predrag Kueker's conjecture201283. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra, Novi Sad; 5-5M30
Tanović, Predrag Kueker's conjecture2012Neostability, Banff, Kanada; 5-5M30
Tanović, Predrag Minimal first-order structures1-Nov-2011Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 162(11); 948-957M22
Tanović, Predrag Minimal first-order structures2008Around Classification Theory, Leeds, UK; 5-5M30
Tanović, Predrag Non-isolated types in stable theories1-Jan-2007Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 145(1); 1-15M22