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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Baragaña, Itziar; Dodig, Marija ; Roca, Alicia; Stošić, Marko Bounded rank perturbations of regular pencils over arbitrary fields15-Sep-2020Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 601; 180-188M21
Stević, Stevo Bounded solutions of a class of difference equations in Banach spaces producing controlled chaos1-Jan-2008Chaos, Solitons and Fractals; 35(2); 238-245M21a
Stević, Stevo Bounded solutions of some systems of nonlinear functional differential equations with iterated deviating argument1-Jul-2012Applied Mathematics and Computation; 218(21); 10429-10434M21
Stević, Stevo Boundedness and compactness of an integral operator between H ∞ and a mixed norm space on the polydisk1-Jun-2009Siberian Mathematical Journal; 50(3); 495-497M23
Stević, Stevo Boundedness and compactness of an integral operator in a mixed norm space on the polydisk1-May-2007Siberian Mathematical Journal; 48(3); 559-569M23
Stević, Stevo Boundedness and compactness of an integral operator on a weighted space on the polydisc1-Dec-2006Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics; 37(6); 343-355M23
Stević, Stevo Boundedness and compactness of an integral-type operator from Bloch-type spaces with normal weights to F(p, q, s) space1-Jan-2012Applied Mathematics and Computation; 218(9); 5414-5421M21
Stević, Stevo Boundedness and global stability of a higher-order difference equation1-Oct-2008Journal of Difference Equations and Applications; 14(10-11); 1035-1044M21
Stević, Stevo Boundedness character of a class of difference equations15-Jan-2009Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications; 70(2); 839-848M21a
Stević, Stevo Boundedness character of a fourth order nonlinear difference equation15-Jun-2009Chaos, Solitons and Fractals; 40(5); 2364-2369M21a
Stević, Stevo ; Iričanin, Bratislav; Šmarda, ZdeněkBoundedness character of a fourth-order system of difference equations1-Dec-2015Advances in Difference Equations; 2015(1)M22
Berenhaut, Kenneth; Foley, John; Stević, Stevo Boundedness character of positive solutions of a higher order difference equation1-Jun-2010International Journal of Computer Mathematics; 87(7); 1431-1435M23
Berenhaut, Kenneth; Foley, John; Stević, Stevo Boundedness character of positive solutions of a max difference equation1-Dec-2006Journal of Difference Equations and Applications; 12(12); 1193-1199M21
Stević, Stevo ; Alghamdi, Mohammed; Alotaibi, AbdullahBoundedness character of the recursive sequence xn = α + π j = 1 k xn - Jaj29-Jun-2015Applied Mathematics Letters; 50; 83-90M21
Stević, Stevo Boundedness character of two classes of third-order difference equations23-Nov-2009Journal of Difference Equations and Applications; 15(11-12); 1193-1209M22
Ekholm, Tobias; Gruen, Angus; Gukov, Sergei; Kucharski, Piotr; Park, Sunghyuk; Stošić, Marko ; Sułkowski, PiotrBranches, quivers, and ideals for knot complements1-Jul-2022Journal of Geometry and Physics; 177; 104520~M22
Ognjanović, Zoran ; Doder, Dragan; Marković, Zoran A branching time logic with two types of probability operators19-Oct-2011Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 5th International Conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management, SUM 2011; Dayton, OH; United States; 10 October 2011 through 13 October 2011; 6929 LNAI; 219-232M33
Došen, Kosta ; Petrić, Zoran A Brauerian representation of split preorders24-Nov-2003Mathematical Logic Quarterly; 49(6); 579-586M22
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav Bridging Statistics, Geometry, and Mechanics2023Scientific symposium Science аnd Small Countries - Synergy оf тhe Diaspora, тhe Motherland & Friends Of Montenegro; 162M31
Došen, Kosta A BRIEF SURVEY OF FRAMES FOR THE LAMBEK CALCULUS1-Jan-1992Mathematical Logic Quarterly; 38(1); 179-187