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1Jojić, Duško; Panina, Gaiane Yu; Živaljević, Rade The coloured Tverberg theorem, extensions and new results1-Apr-2022Izvestiya Mathematics~M21
2Dizdarević, Manuela Muzika; Živaljević, Rade Hamiltonian surfaces in the 4-cube, 4-bit Gray codes and Venn diagrams2022Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 111(125); 17-40M24
3Jevtić, Filip ; Živaljević, Rade Generalized tonnetz and discrete abel-jacobi map1-Jun-2021Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis; 57(2); 547-567~M22
4Jojić, Duško; Panina, Gaiane; Živaljević, Rade A Tverberg type theorem for collectively unavoidable complexes1-Jan-2021Israel Journal of Mathematics~M22
5Jojić, Duško; Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade A glimpse into the theory of chessboard complexes1-Jan-2021Teaching of Mathematics; 24(2); 112-128M24
6Jojić, Duško; Panina, Gaiane; Živaljević, Rade Splitting necklaces, with constraints2021SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics; 35(2); 1268-1286~M23
7Baralić, Đorđe ; Curien, Pierre Louis; Milićević, Marina; Obradović, Jovana ; Petrić, Zoran ; Zekić, Mladen ; Živaljević, Rade Proofs and surfaces1-Oct-2020Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 171(9); 102845M21
8Živaljević, Rade A Glimpse into Continuous Combinatorics of Posets, Polytopes, and Matroids1-Aug-2020Journal of Mathematical Sciences (United States); 248(6); 762-775M51
9Jojić, Duško; Marzantowicz, Wacław; Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade Unavoidable complexes, via an elementary equivariant index theory1-Jun-2020Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications; 22(2)M21a
10Jojić, Duško; Panina, Gaiane Yurevna; Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade Generalized chessboard complexes and discrete Morse theory1-Jan-2020Chebyshevskii Sbornik; 21(2); 207-227M51
11Milutinović-Jelić, Marija; Jojić, Duško; Timotijević, Marinko; Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade Combinatorics of unavoidable complexes1-Jan-2020European Journal of Combinatorics; 83M22
12Jevtić, Filip ; Timotijević, Marinko; Živaljević, Rade Polytopal Bier Spheres and Kantorovich–Rubinstein Polytopes of Weighted Cycles1-Jan-2019Discrete and Computational GeometryM22
13Jevtić, Filip ; Jelić, Marija; Živaljević, Rade Cyclohedron and Kantorovich–Rubinstein Polytopes1-Apr-2018Arnold Mathematical Journal; 4(1); 87-112
14Jojić, Duško; Nekrasov, Ilya; Panina, Gaiane; Živaljević, Rade Alexander r-tuples and bier complexes1-Jan-2018Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 104(118); 1-22M24
15Živaljević, Rade Cyclohedron and Kantorovich-Rubinstein polytopes2018Algebraic Topology, Combinatorics, and Mathematical PhysicsM30
16Jojić, Duško; Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade Symmetric multiple chessboard complexes and a new theorem of Tverberg type1-Aug-2017Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics; 46(1); 15-31M21
17Baralić, Đorđe ; Živaljević, Rade Colorful versions of the Lebesgue, KKM, and Hex theorem1-Feb-2017Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A; 146; 295-311M21
18Živaljević, Rade Borromean rings and mathematical storytelling1-Jan-2017Teaching of Mathematics; 20(2); 64-73
19Živaljević, Rade Topological methods in discrete geometry1-Jan-2017Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry, Third Edition; 551-580M13
20Jojić, Duško; Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade Multiple chessboard complexes and the colored Tverberg problem1-Jan-2017Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A; 145; 400-425M21


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AcronymTitleStart dateCompletionP-Investigator
PROJECT 144014Geometry and Topology of Manifolds and Integrable Dynamical Systems01-01-200631-12-2010Dragović, Vladimir
PROJECT 1643Geometry and Topology of Manifolds and Integrable Dynamical Systems01-01-200231-12-2005Dragović, Vladimir
PROJECT 174020Geometry and Topology of Manifolds, Classical Mechanics and Integrable Dynamical Systems01-01-201131-12-2019Dragović, Vladimir