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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaRelaxed distributivity laws for semi-t-operators and disjunctive uninorms16-Sep-202119th IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics, SISY 2021, Subotica 16 September 2021 - 18 September 2021; 113-118M33
Huang, Huaping; Todorčević, Vesna ; Radenović, StojanRemarks on Recent Results for Generalized F-Contractions2022Mathematics; 10(5); 768~M21a
Šegan-Radonjić, Marija ; Todorčević, Vesna Rodna struktura Matematičkog instituta SAN od 1946. do 1961. godine2022Rod, znanje i moć: istorija, nasleđe i značaj naučnica u Srbiji; 83-95M44
Dolinka, Igor; Đurđev, Ivana ; East, JamesSandwich semigroups in diagram categories13-Aug-2021International Journal of Algebra and Computation~M23
Vesić, Nenad ; Zdravković, Nemanja; Simjanović, DušanSecuring Online Assesments Using Christoffel Symbols2021The 11th International Conference on eLearning (eLearning-2020), 24-25 September, Belgrade, Serbia; 54-57M33
Ivković, Stefan Semi-Fredholm theory in C∗ -algebras2023Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis; 17(3); 51~M22
Saulig, Nicoletta; Milovanović, Miloš ; Miličić, Siniša; Lerga, JonatanSignal Useful Information Recovery by Overlapping Supports of Time-Frequency Representations2022IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing; 70; 5504-5517~M21
Đorđević, Bogdan Singular Lyapunov operator equations: applications to C∗- algebras, Fréchet derivatives and abstract Cauchy problems1-Dec-2021Analysis and Mathematical Physics; 11(4); 160~M21a
Đorđević, Bogdan Singular Sylvester equation in Banach spaces and its applications: Fredholm theory approach1-Aug-2021Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 622; 189-214~M21
Baralić, Đorđe ; Milenković, LazarSmall Covers and Quasitoric Manifolds over Neighborly Polytopes1-Apr-2022Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics; 19(2); 87~M21
Stević, Stevo Solvability and representations of the general solutions to some nonlinear difference equations of second order2023AIMS Mathematics; 8(7); 15148-15165~M21a
Stević, Stevo Solvability of thirty-six three-dimensional systems of difference equations of hyperbolic-cotangent type2022Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations; 26; 1-34~M21a
Danas Milivojević, Milica; Kratica, Jozef ; Savić, Aleksandar; Maksimović, Zoran Lj.Some New General Lower Bounds for Mixed Metric Dimension of Graphs1-Jan-2021Filomat; 35(13); 4275-4285M22
Ali Reza Bagheri Salec; Ivković, Stefan ; Seyyed Mohammad TabatabaieSpaceability on some classes of Banach spaces2022Mathematical Inequalities and Applications; 25(3); 659-672M21
Kern-Isberner, Gabriele; Ognjanović, Zoran Special issue from the 15th European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty (ECSQARU 2019)2021International Journal of Approximate ReasoningM28b
Damnjanović, Ivan; Filipovski, Slobodan; Stevanović, Dragan Spectral properties of balanced trees and dendrimers2023Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 657; 163-196~M21
Milovanović, Miloš ; Vukmirović, Srđan; Saulig, NicolettaStochastic analysis of the time continuum2-Jun-2021Mathematics; 9(12); 1452~M21a
Jočić, Dragan ; Štajner-Papuga, IvanaStrengthened conditional distributivity of semi-t-operators over uninorms2022Soft Computing~M22
Stević, Stevo ; Huang, Cheng Shi; Jiang, Zhi JieSum of some product-type operators from Hardy spaces to weighted-type spaces on the unit ball2022Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences; 45(17); 11581-11600~M21
Stošić, Marko ; Wedrich, PaulTangle addition and the knots-quivers correspondence18-Jan-2021Journal of the London Mathematical Society~M21