Authors: Vesić, Nenad 
Affiliations: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Cosmological meaning of geometric curvatures
Journal: Filomat
Volume: 34
Issue: 12
First page: 4107
Last page: 4121
Issue Date: 2020
Rank: ~M22
ISSN: 2406-0933
DOI: 10.2298/FIL2012107V
In this paper, we analyzed the physical meaning of scalar curvatures for a generalized Riemannian space. It is developed the Madsen’s formulae for pressures and energy-densities with respect to the corresponding energy-momentum tensors. After that, the energy-momentum tensors, pressures, energy-densities and state-parameters are analyzed with respect to different concepts of generalized Riemannian spaces. At the end of this paper, linearities of the energy-momentum tensor, pressure, energy-density and the state-parameter are examined.
Publisher: Prirodno matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u Nišu

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