Authors: Ghilezan, Silvia 
Likavec, Silvia
Title: Computational interpretations of logics
Journal: Zbornik Radova
Volume: 12
Issue: 20
First page: 159
Last page: 215
Issue Date: 2009
Rank: M14
The fundamental connection between logic and computation, known as the Curry–Howard correspondence or formulae-as-types and proofs-as-programs paradigm, relates logical and computational systems. We present an overview of computational interpretations of intuitionistic and classical logic:
•intuitionistic natural deduction -λ-calculus
•intuitionistic sequent calculus -λGtz-calculus
•classical natural deduction -λμ-calculus
•classical sequent calculus -λμ ̃μ-calculus.
In this work we summarise the authors’ contributions in this field. Fundamental properties of these calculi, such as confluence, normalisation properties, reduction strategies call-by-value and call-by-name,separability, reducibility method, λ-models are in focus. These fundamental properties and their counterparts in logics, via the Curry–Howard correspondence, are discussed.
Publisher: Mathematical Institute of the SASA

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