Authors: Cvetković, Dragoš
Davidović, Tatjana 
Ilić, Aleksandar
Simić, Slobodan 
Affiliations: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Graphs for small multiprocessor interconnection networks
Journal: Applied Mathematics and Computation
Volume: 217
Issue: 6
First page: 2468
Last page: 2480
Issue Date: 15-Nov-2010
Rank: M21
ISSN: 0096-3003
DOI: 10.1016/j.amc.2010.07.058
Let D be the diameter of a graph G and let λ1 be the largest eigenvalue of its (0, 1)-adjacency matrix. We give a proof of the fact that there are exactly 69 non-trivial connected graphs with (D + 1)λ1 ≤ 9. These 69 graphs all have up to 10 vertices and were recently found to be suitable models for small multiprocessor interconnection networks. We also examine the suitability of integral graphs to model multiprocessor interconnection networks, especially with respect to the load balancing problem. In addition, we classify integral graphs with small values of (D + 1)λ1 in connection with the load balancing problem for multiprocessor systems.
Keywords: Diameter | Graph spectra | Graph theory | Integral graphs | Multiprocessor interconnection networks
Publisher: Elsevier
Project: Teorija grafova i matematičko programiranje sa primenama u hemiji i tehničkim naukama
Matematički modeli i metode optimizacije sa primenama

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