Authors: Stanković, Milena
Stanković, Radomir 
Astola, Jaakko
Egiazarian, Karen
Title: Circuit realization of spectral transforms in Fibonacci interconnection topologies
Journal: Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings
Volume: 626
Conference: Thermoelectric Materials 2000 - The Next Generation Materials for Small-Scale Refrigeration and Power Generation Applications; San Francisco, CA; United States; 24 April 2000 through 27 April 2000
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2001
ISSN: 0272-9172
We present a method for design of networks for realization of functions represented by Fibonacci decision diagrams (FibDDs) and for calculation of the generalized Fibonacci spectral transforms. For a given function f, the structure of the network which realizes f is derived from the FibDD for f. We extend this method to design circuits for calculation of the generalized Fibonacci spectra from FibDDs.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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