Authors: Stanković, Milena
Stanković, Radomir 
Astola, Jaakko
Egiazarian, Karen
Title: Fibonacci spectral transforms: Calculation, algorithms and circuit realizations
Journal: Systems Analysis Modelling Simulation
Volume: 43
Issue: 11
First page: 1463
Last page: 1501
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2003
ISSN: 0232-9298
DOI: 10.1080/0232929021000008796
In this article, we define the Fibonacci decision diagrams (FibDDs) permitting representation of functions defined in a number of points different from N=2n by decision diagrams consisting of nodes with two outgoing edges. We show the relationships between the FibDDs and the contracted Fibonacci codes and propose a procedure for calculation of the generalized Fibonacci transforms through FibDDs. This procedure permits calculation of the generalized Fibonacci spectra of functions defined in a number of points equal to a large generalized Fibonacci number. We use FibDDs to design architectures for realization of discrete functions and calculation of the generalized Fibonacci p-transforms. We also consider the circuit realizations of functions represented by FibDDs and the circuit realizations of Fibonacci spectral transforms.
Keywords: Fibonacci codes | Fibonacci decision diagrams | Fibonacci transforms | Spectral transforms
Publisher: Taylor and Francis

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