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Zorica, Dušan
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1Haška, Kristian; Zorica, Dušan ; Cvetićanin, StevanFractional RLC circuit in transient and steady state regimes1-May-2021Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation; 105670~M21a
2Cvetićanin, Stevan; Zorica, Dušan ; Rapaić, MilanNon-local telegrapher’s equation as a transmission line model1-Feb-2021Applied Mathematics and Computation; 390; 125602~M21a
3Zorica, Dušan ; Oparnica, LjubicaEnergy dissipation for hereditary and energy conservation for non-local fractional wave equations29-May-2020Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences; 378(2172); 20190295M21
4Zorica, Dušan Hereditariness and non-locality in wave propagation modeling1-Jan-2020Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; 47(1); 19-31M24
5Cvetićanin, Stevan; Zorica, Dušan ; Rapaić, MilanFrequency Characteristics of Two Topologies Representing Fractional Order Transmission Line Model1-Jan-2020Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing; 39(1); 456-473M22
6Okuka, Aleksandar; Zorica, Dušan Fractional Burgers models in creep and stress relaxation tests1-Jan-2020Applied Mathematical Modelling; 77; 1894-1935M21
7Oparnica, Ljubica; Zorica, Dušan ; Okuka, AleksandarFractional Burgers wave equation1-Dec-2019Acta Mechanica; 230(12); 4321-4340M22
8Atanacković, Teodor; Oparnica, Ljubica; Zorica, Dušan Bifurcation analysis of the rotating axially compressed nano-rod with imperfections1-Jul-2019ZAMM Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik; 99(7)M22
9Konjik, Sanja; Oparnica, Ljubica; Zorica, Dušan Distributed-order fractional constitutive stress–strain relation in wave propagation modeling1-Apr-2019Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik; 70(2)M21
10Xi, Qiang; Fu, Zhoujia; Spasojević, Nikola; Zorica, Dušan Fractional heat conduction equation on bounded twodimensional domain20197th Congress of the Serbian Society of MechanicsM30
11Zorica, Dušan Hereditariness and non-locality in wave propagation modelling20197th Congress of the Serbian Society of MechanicsM30
12Hörmann, Günther; Oparnica, Ljubica; Zorica, Dušan Solvability and microlocal analysis of the fractional Eringen wave equation1-Oct-2018Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids; 23(10); 1420-1430M21a
13Okuka, Aleksandar; Zorica, Dušan Formulation of thermodynamically consistent fractional Burgers models1-Aug-2018Acta Mechanica; 229(8); 3557-3570M22
14Bouras, Yanni; Zorica, Dušan ; Atanacković, Teodor; Vrcelj, ZoraA non-linear thermo-viscoelastic rheological model based on fractional derivatives for high temperature creep in concrete1-Mar-2018Applied Mathematical Modelling; 55; 551-568M21
15Atanacković, Teodor; Pilipović, Stevan; Zorica, Dušan Properties of the Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivative and its distributional settings23-Feb-2018Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis; 21(1); 29-44M21a
16Želi, Velibor; Zorica, Dušan Analytical and numerical treatment of the heat conduction equation obtained via time-fractional distributed-order heat conduction law15-Feb-2018Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications; 492; 2316-2335M21
17Zorica, Dušan ; Cvetićanin, StevanFractional telegrapher's equation as a consequence of Cattaneo's heat conduction law generalization1-Jan-2018Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; 45(1); 35-51M24
18Zorica, Dušan ; Cvetićanin, StevanFractional telegrapher’s equation in modeling transmission lines and heat conduction201812th Conference of the Society of Physicists of Macedonia (CSPM 2018)M30
19Cvetićanin, Stevan; Rapaić, Milan; Zorica, Dušan Frequency analysis of generalized time-fractional telegrapher's equation31-Oct-20172017 European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, ECCTD 2017; European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, ECCTD 2017; Catania; Italy; 4 September 2017 through 6 September 2017M30
20Zorica, Dušan ; Atanacković, Teodor; Vrcelj, Zora; Novaković, BranislavaDynamic stability of axially loaded nonlocal rod on generalized pasternak foundation1-May-2017Journal of Engineering Mechanics; 143(5)M22

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PROJECT 174005Viscoelasticity of fractional type and shape optimization in a theory of rods01-01-201131-12-2019Zorica, Dušan