Authors: Zorica, Dušan 
Cvetićanin, Stevan
Title: Fractional telegrapher's equation as a consequence of Cattaneo's heat conduction law generalization
Journal: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Volume: 45
Issue: 1
First page: 35
Last page: 51
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
Rank: M24
ISSN: 1450-5584
DOI: 10.2298/TAM171211003Z
Fractional telegrapher's equation is reinterpreted in the setting of heat conduction phenomena and reobtained by considering the energy balance equation and fractional Cattaneo heat conduction law, generalized by taking into account the history of temperature gradient as well. Using the Laplace transform method, fractional telegrapher's equation is solved on semi-bounded domain for the zero initial condition and solution is obtained as a convolution of forcing temperature on the boundary and impulse response. Some features of such obtained solution are examined.
Keywords: Cattaneo heat conduction law | Fractional telegrapher's equation | Initial-boundary value problem | Laplace transform
Publisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics
Project: Smart Electricity Distribution Grids Based on Distribution Management System and Distributed Generation 
Viscoelasticity of fractional type and shape optimization in a theory of rods 
Provincial Government of Vojvodina, Grant 114-451-2098

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