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Di Prisco, Carlos; Todorčević, Stevo Basis problems for Borel graphs2015Selected topics in combinatorial analysis; 17(25); 33-51M14
Di Prisco, Carlos; Llopis, Jimena; Todorčević, Stevo Borel partitions of products of finite sets and the Ackermann function1-Jan-2001Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A; 93(2); 333-349M22
Di Prisco, Carlos; Todorčević, Stevo A cardinal defined by a polarized partition relation1-Jan-1999Israel Journal of Mathematics; 109; 41-52M22
Di Prisco, Carlos; Todorčević, Stevo Perfect-Set Properties inL(R)[U]10-Nov-1998Advances in Mathematics; 139(2); 240-259M21a
Di Prisco, Carlos; Todorčević, Stevo The shift graph and the Ramsey degree of ℕ ω1-Apr-2014Acta Mathematica Hungarica; 142(2); 484-493M23
Di Prisco, Carlos; Todorčević, Stevo Shift graphs on precompact families of finite sets of natural numbers6-Oct-2012Discrete Mathematics; 312(19); 2915-2926M22