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Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, Miomir Comments on “On q-non-extensive statistics with non-Tsallisian entropy”15-Jan-2017Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications; 466; 160-165M22
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir ; Petrušić, AndrijaCommercial electric vehicle fleet scheduling for secondary frequency control1-Jun-2017Electric Power Systems Research; 147; 31-41M21
Perić, Zoran; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir ; Jovanović, AleksandraA comprehensive analysis of the scalar compandor model designed using spline functions1-Jan-2015Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques Serie Electrotechnique et Energetique; 60(3); 283-291M23
Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, Miomir ; Todorović, BranimirComputation of cross-moments using message passing over factor graphs1-Aug-2012Advances in Mathematics of Communications; 6(3); 363-384M22
Džunić, Zoran; Momčilović, Svetislav; Todorović, Branimir; Stanković, Miomir Conference resolution using decision trees1-Dec-20068th Seminar on Neural Network Applications in Electrical Engineering, Neurel-2006 Proceedings; 109-114
Protić, Danijela; Gaur, Loveleen; Stanković, Miomir ; Rahman, Md AnisurCybersecurity in Smart Cities: Detection of Opposing Decisions on Anomalies in the Computer Network Behavior2022Electronics; 11(22); 3718~M22
Stanković, Miomir ; Marinković, Slađana; Rajković, PredragThe deformed and modified Mittag-Leffler polynomials1-Jul-2011Mathematical and Computer Modelling; 54(1-2); 721-728M21
Stanković, Miomir ; Marinković, Slađana; Rajković, PredragA deformed exponential function of two variables - Motivation and applications21-Dec-2011AIP Conference Proceedings; 3rd International Conference on Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences, AMiTaNS'11; Albena; Bulgaria; 20 June 2011 through 25 June 2011; 1404; 265-270M33
Stanković, Miomir ; Marinković, Slađana; Rajković, PredragThe deformed exponential functions of two variables in the context of various statistical mechanics15-Nov-2011Applied Mathematics and Computation; 218(6); 2439-2448M21
Todorović, Branimir; Stanković, Miomir ; Moraga, ClaudioDerivative free training of recurrent neural networks a comparison of algorithms and architectures1-Jan-2014NCTA 2014 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Neural Computation Theory and Applications; 76-84M33
Velimirović, Lazar ; Perić, Zoran; Stanković, Miomir ; Nikolić, JelenaDesign of compandor based on approximate the first-degree spline function25-Dec-2013Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika; 19(10); 151-154M22
Velimirović, Lazar ; Perić, Zoran; Stanković, Miomir ; Nikolić, JelenaDesign of compandor quantizer using spline approximations1-Dec-201321st Telecommunications Forum Telfor, TELFOR 2013 - Proceedings of Papers; 21st Telecommunications Forum Telfor, TELFOR 2013; Belgrade; Serbia; 26-28 November 2013; 428-434M31
Velimirović, Lazar ; Perić, Zoran; Stanković, Miomir ; Simić, Nikola; Vučić, NikolaDesign of quantizer for Laplacian source based on the probability density function approximation1-Dec-201220th Telecommunications Forum, TELFOR 2012 - Proceedings; 20th Telecommunications Forum - TELFOR 2012, Belgrade, Serbia, November 20-22, 2012; 807-810M33
Nikolić, Vesna; Savić, Suzana; Stanković, Miomir Designing a multimedia platform for emergency management1-Jan-2007Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal; 18(2); 198-210
Gocić, Milan; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir ; Trajković, SlavišaDetermining the best fitting distribution of annual precipitation data in Serbia using L-moments method2021Earth Science Informatics; 14; 633-644M22
Stević, Željko; Miškić, Smiljka; Vojinović, Dragan; Huskanović, Eldina; Stanković, Miomir ; Pamučar, DraganDevelopment of a Model for Evaluating the Efficiency of Transport Companies: PCA–DEA–MCDM Model1-Mar-2022Axioms; 11(3); 140~M22
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir Erratum: On the orthogonality of classical orthogonal polynomials (Integral Transforms and Special Functions)1-Jan-2003Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 14(3); 271-280M23
Trajković, Slaviša; Stanković, Miomir ; Todorović, BranimirEstimation of FAO Blaney-Criddle b factor by RBF network1-Jan-2000Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering; 126(4); 268-270M21
Todorović-Zarkula, Slavica; Todorović, Branimir; Stanković, Miomir ; Pavlović, VlastimirExtended Kalman filter in blind separation of nonstationary signals3-Apr-2015European Signal Processing Conference; 12th European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2004; Vienna; Austria; 6 September 2004 through 10 September 2004; 06-10-September-2004; 1717-1720
Todorović, Branimir; Stanković, Miomir ; Moraga, ClaudioExtended Kalman filter trained recurrent radial basis function network in nonlinear system identification1-Jan-2002Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 2415 LNCS; 819-824M22