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Đorđević, Bogdan ; Dinčić, NebojšaClassification and approximation of solutions to sylvester matrix equation1-Jan-2019Filomat; 33(13); 4261-4280M22
Đorđević, Bogdan Doubly stochastic and permutation solutions to AXA = XAX when A is a permutation matrix2022Linear Algebra and its Applications; 661; 79-105~M21
Đorđević, Bogdan The Equation AX−XB=C Without a Unique Solution: the Ambiguity Which Benefits Applications2022Zbornik Radova; 20(28); 395-442M14
Đorđević, Bogdan On a Singular Sylvester Equation with Unbounded Self-Adjoint A and B1-Jun-2020Complex Analysis and Operator Theory; 14(4); 43M22
Dinčić, Nebojša; Đorđević, Bogdan On the intrinsic structure of the solution set to the Yang–Baxter-like matrix equation1-Apr-2022Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales - Serie A: Matematicas; 116(2); 73~M21a
Đorđević, Bogdan Operator Algebra Generated by an Element from the Module B(V1, V2)1-Jul-2019Complex Analysis and Operator Theory; 13(5); 2381-2409M22
Đorđević, Bogdan Rešavanje Silvesterove matrične jednačine2017master thesis: Prirodno-matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u NišuM72
Đorđević, Bogdan Singular Lyapunov operator equations: applications to C∗- algebras, Fréchet derivatives and abstract Cauchy problems1-Dec-2021Analysis and Mathematical Physics; 11(4); 160~M21a
Đorđević, Bogdan Singular Sylvester equation and its applications2021doctoral thesis: Prirodno-matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u NišuM70
Đorđević, Bogdan Singular Sylvester equation in Banach spaces and its applications: Fredholm theory approach1-Aug-2021Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 622; 189-214~M21
Đorđević, Bogdan The singular value of A + B and αA + βB1-Jan-2016Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii Al I Cuza din Iasi - Matematica; 3(F2); 737-743M23
Đorđević, Bogdan ; Dinčić, NebojšaSolving the Operator Equation AX-XB=C with Closed A and B1-Oct-2018Integral Equations and Operator Theory; 90(5)M22
Dinčić, Nebojša Č.; Đorđević, Bogdan Yang-Baxter-Like Matrix Equation: A Road Less Taken2023Matrix and Operator Equations and Applications; 241-346M13