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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanA new constructive heuristics for solving the minimum feedback vertex set problem2014SymOrg 2014; 1216-1221M33
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanA new procedure for generating good approximations to the non-dominated sets of bi-objective linear fractional programming problems2015SYM-OP-IS 2015; 336-339M63
Stanojević, Milan; Stanojević, Bogdana An algorithm based on Branch-and-Bound method for finding all non-dominated points of MOCO problem2021XLVIII International Symposium on Operational Research, SYM-OP-IS 2021, Banja Koviljača, 20-23. septembar 2021.; 689-694M33
Cocan, Moise; Stanojević, Bogdana An algorithm for solving the problem of convex programming with several objective functions1-Jan-1999Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing; 6(1); 79-88M50
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanAnalytic description of fuzzy set solutions to fuzzy "LP" problems2022SYM-OP-IS 2022, Vrnjačka Banja, 19-22 sept. 2022; SYM-OP-IS Proceedings; 425-429M63
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanAnalytic description to the fuzzy efficiencies in fuzzy standard Data Envelopment Analysis2022Procedia Computer Science; 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management, ITQM 2020 and 2021; 199; 487-494M33
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanApproximate Membership Function Shapes of Solutions to Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transportation Problems8-Oct-2020International Journal of Computers Communications & Control; 16(1); 4057M22
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanComment on "fuzzy mathematical programming for multi objective linear fractional programming problem"1-Jul-2014Fuzzy Sets and Systems; 246; 156-159M21a
Stanojević, Milan; Vujošević, Mirko; Stanojević, Bogdana Computation results of finding all efficient points in multiobjective combinatorial optimization1-Jan-2008International Journal of Computers, Communications and Control; 3(4); 374-383M50
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanA computationally efficient algorithm to approximate the pareto front of multi-objective linear fractional programming problem1-Oct-2019RAIRO - Operations Research; 53(4); 1229-1244M23
Stanojević, Milan; Milenković, Ivan; Starčević, Dušan; Stanojević, Bogdana Continuous distribution approximation and thresholds optimization in serial multi-modal biometric systems1-Jan-2016International Journal of Computers, Communications and Control; 11(5); 721-734M23
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Dzitac, Simona; Dzitac, IoanCrisp-linear-and models in fuzzy multiple objective linear fractional programming1-Jan-2020International Journal of Computers, Communications and Control; 15(1)M22
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Nǎdǎban, SorinEmpiric Solutions to Full Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems Using the Generalized “min” Operator2023Mathematics; 11(23); 4864~M21a
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanEmpirical (α, β)-acceptable optimal values to full fuzzy linear fractional programming problems2022Procedia Computer Science; 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management, ITQM 2020 and 2021; 199; 34-39M33
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanEmpirical versus analytical solutions to full fuzzy linear programming1-Jan-2021Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing; 8th International Conference on Computers Communications and Control, ICCCC 2020 ; Oradea; Romania; 11 May 2020 through 15 May 2020; 1243 AISC; 220-233
Stanojević, Milan; Stanojević, Bogdana ; Vujošević, MirkoEnhanced savings calculation and its applications for solving capacitated vehicle routing problem15-Jun-2013Applied Mathematics and Computation; 219(20); 10302-10312M21
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Pantelić, O.; Dzitac, S.Enhanced Solutions to Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Fractional Optimization Problems via Lexicographic Method1-Jan-2024International Journal of Computers, Communications and Control; 19(1); 6333~M22
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stancu-Minasian, IoanEvaluating fuzzy inequalities and solving fully fuzzified linear fractional programs1-Dec-2012Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research; 22(1); 41-50M51
Stanojević, Bogdana Extended procedure for computing the values of the membership function of a fuzzy solution to a class of fuzzy linear optimization problems1-Jan-2015Fuzzy Sets and Systems; 272(1); 47-59M21a
Stanojević, Bogdana Extension principle-based solution approach to full fuzzy multi-objective linear fractional programming1-Jan-2022Soft Computing~M22