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Tanović, Predrag
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1Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Does weak quasi-o-minimality behave better than weak o-minimality?29-May-2021Archive for Mathematical Logic~M22
2Tanović, Predrag ; Moconja, Slavko; Ilić, DejanAROUND RUBIN’S “THEORIES OF LINEAR ORDER”27-Oct-2020The Journal of Symbolic Logic; 85(4); 1403-1426M22
3Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Stationarily ordered types and the number of countable models1-Mar-2020Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 171(3)M21
4Tanović, Predrag On Rubin's theories of linear order2018Set Theory, Model Theory and Applications, Eilat,Israel; 5-5M30
5Tanović, Predrag Colored orders with equivalence relations2017Model Theory, Bedlevo, Poljska; 5-5M30
6Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Asymmetric regular types1-Jan-2015Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 166(2); 93-120M22
7Sudoplatov, Sergey; Tanović, Predrag Semi-isolation and the strict order property1-Jan-2015Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic; 56(4); 555-572M22
8Ilić, Dejan; Moconja, Slavko; Tanović, Predrag Groups with finitely many countable models1-Jan-2015Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 97(111); 33-41M24
9Tanović, Predrag Generically stable regular types1-Jan-2015Journal of Symbolic Logic; 80(1); 308-321M22
10Ilić, Dejan; Tanović, Predrag A definable condensation of linear orderings1-Jan-2014Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics; 44(2); 225-234M51
11Ilić, Dejan; Tanović, Predrag Razlaganje linearno uredjenih struktura2014Četvrta matematička konferencija Republike Srpske. Trebinje; 101-110M60
12Tanović, Predrag O invarijantama u strukturama prvog reda2014Četvrta matematička konferencija Republike Srpske, Trebinje; 23-31M60
13Tanović, Predrag Regular types and invariants they define2014Classification Theory, ICM satelite conference, Daejon, Juzna Koreja; 5-5M30
14Tanović, Predrag Simple invariants in first order structures2014SETTOP 2014, Novi Sad; 5-5M30
15Tanović, Predrag Simple groups and the number of countable models1-Nov-2013Archive for Mathematical Logic; 52(7-8); 779-791M23
16Krupiński, Krzysztof; Tanović, Predrag ; Wagner, FrankAround podewski's conjecture2-Aug-2013Fundamenta Mathematicae; 222(2); 175-193M22
17Tanović, Predrag On kueker's conjecture1-Dec-2012Journal of Symbolic Logic; 77(4); 1245-1256M21
18Tanović, Predrag Vaught's conjecture for theories with Skolem functions2012Logic and Topology, Novi Sad; 3-3M60
19Tanović, Predrag Kueker's conjecture201283. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra, Novi Sad; 5-5M30
20Tanović, Predrag Kueker's conjecture2012Neostability, Banff, Kanada; 5-5M30


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