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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Hedrih, Katica (Stevanović) Measurements of dynamical system integrity and fracture mechanics1-Jan-2006Fracture of Nano and Engineering Materials and Structures - Proceedings of the 16th European Conference of Fracture; 793-794
Doder, Dragan; Rašković, Miodrag ; Marković, Zoran ; Ognjanović, Zoran Measures of inconsistency and defaults1-Sep-2010International Journal of Approximate Reasoning; 51(7); 832-845M21
Rosin, Paul; Žunić, Joviša Measuring convexity via convex polygons1-Jan-2016Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 9555; 38-47M33
Žunić, Joviša Measuring how much an object has a ring-like shape1-Apr-2021Measurement Science and Technology; 32(4); 047002~M22
Rosin, Paul; Pantović, Jovanka; Žunić, Joviša Measuring Linearity of Connected Configurations of a Finite Number of 2D and 3D Curves3-Sep-2015Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision; 53(1); 1-11M21a
Rosin, Paul; Pantović, Jovanka; Žunić, Joviša Measuring linearity of curves in 2D and 3D1-Jan-2016Pattern Recognition; 49; 65-78M21a
Žunić, Joviša ; Pantović, Jovanka; Rosin, PaulMeasuring linearity of planar curves1-Jan-2015Pattern Recognition Applications and MethodsM10
Rosin, Paul; Žunić, Joviša Measuring rectilinearity1-Aug-2005Computer Vision and Image Understanding; 99(2); 175-188M21
Žunić, Joviša ; Rosin, PaulMeasuring Shapes with Desired Convex Polygons1-Jun-2020IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence; 42(6); 1394-1407M21a
Rosin, Paul; Žunić, Joviša Measuring squareness and orientation of shapes1-Jan-2011Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision; 39(1); 13-27M21
Amelio, Alessia; Janković, Radmila ; Draganov, Ivo R.Measuring the Similarity in 2D: The Case Study of the Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field1-Jan-202221st International Symposium INFOTEH-JAHORINA, INFOTEH 2022; 1-6M33
Došen, Kosta ; Petrić, Zoran Medial commutativity1-May-2007Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 146(2-3); 237-255M22
Knežević, Milica Mere sličnosti XML podataka i primene u otkrivanju duplikata2016Zbornik radova Fakulteta tehničkih nauka, Novi Sad; 31(2); 376-379M53
Milojević-Jevrić, Marija; Davidović, Tatjana Meta-Heuristics Application to Optimise Ball Bearings Dynamical Load Ratings And Rating Life2014XLI Simpozijum o operacionim istraživanjima, SYMOPIS 2014; 753-758M60
Ćirković, Petar ; Đorđević, Predrag; Milićević, Miloš; Davidović, Tatjana Metaheuristic Approach to Spectral Reconstruction of Graphs25-Jun-2022International Conference on Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research MOTOR 2022: Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research; 13367; 79-93M33
Matijević, Luka Metaheuristic Approaches for the Green Vehicle Routing Problem2022YUJOR - The Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchM24
Kovač, Nataša; Stanimirović, Zorica; Davidović, Tatjana Metaheuristic approaches for the minimum cost hybrid berth allocation problem1-Jan-2018Modeling, Computing and Data Handling Methodologies for Maritime Transportation; 131; 1-47M14
Matijević, Luka ; Čorić, Rebeka; Đumić, MatejaMetaheuristic Approaches to neural networks training2022KOI 2022, Šibenik, Croatia, September 28-30, 2022; Book of AbstractsM34
Mihaljević, Miodrag J. ; Abe, JoujiMethod and apparatus for cellular automata based generation of pseudorandom sequences with controllable period2011M91
Morelos-Zaragoza, Robert; Mihaljević, Miodrag J. Method and apparatus for loss correction and limited reception in streaming data, and data communication apparatus2007M91