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Avetisyan, Karen; Stević, Stevo Equivalent conditions for bergman space and littlewood-paley type inequalities1-Jan-2007Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications; 9; 15-28M23
Avetisyan, Karen; Stević, Stevo Extended Cesàro operators between different Hardy spaces15-Jan-2009Applied Mathematics and Computation; 207(2); 346-350M21
Avetisyan, Karen; Stević, Stevo The generalized Libera transform is bounded on the Besov mixed-norm, BMOA and VMOA spaces on the unit disc15-Jul-2009Applied Mathematics and Computation; 213(2); 304-311M21
Avetisyan, Karen; Stević, Stevo Holomorphic Functions on the Mixed Norm Spaces on the Polydisc II2009Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications; 11(2); 239-251M23