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Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko ; Nešić, LjubišaAdelic path integrals for quadratic Lagrangians1-Jun-2003Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics; 6(2); 179-195M21
Vesić, Nenad ; Dimitrijević, Dragoljub; Đorđević, Goran; Milošević, Milan; Stojanović, MarkoOn a gauge invariant variable for scalar perturbations during inflation2022The 11th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union; Book of Abstracts; 59M34
Đorđević, Goran; Nešić, Ljubiša; Dragović, Branko p-Adic and adelic free relativistic particle20-Feb-1999Modern Physics Letters A; 14(5); 317-325M22
Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko p-ADIC and adelic harmonic oscillator with a time-dependent frequency1-Jan-2000Theoretical and Mathematical Physics; 124(2); 1059-1067M23
Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko ; Nešić, Ljubiša; Volovich, Igorp-ADIC and AdELIC minisuperspace quantum cosmology20-Apr-2002International Journal of Modern Physics A; 17(10); 1413-1433M22
Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko p-Adic path integrals for quadratic actions28-Jun-1997Modern Physics Letters A; 12(20); 1455-1463M22
Đorđević, Goran; Dragović, Branko ; Nešić, Ljubišap-adic quantum cosmology1-Jan-2002Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements; 104(1-3); 197-200M22