Authors: Ostojić, Dragutin
Davidović, Tatjana 
Jakšić Kruger, Tatjana 
Ramljak, Dušan
Affiliations: Computer Science 
Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Comparative Analysis of Heuristic Approaches to P||Cmax
First page: 259
Last page: 266
Related Publication(s): ICORES Proceedings
Conference: 11th International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems, ICORES 2022, (virtual), Feb. 3-5, 2022
Issue Date: 2022
Rank: M33
DOI: 10.5220/0011008500003117
Cloud computing, new paradigms like fog, edge computing, require revisiting scheduling and resource allocation problems. Static scheduling of independent tasks on identical processors, one of the simplest scheduling problems, has regained importance and we aim to find stochastic iterative heuristic algorithms to efficiently deal with it. Combining various actions to define solution transformations to improve solution quality, we created 35 heuristic algorithms. To investigate the performance of the proposed approaches, extensive numerical experiments are performed on hard benchmark instances. Among the tested variants, we identified the best performing ones with respect to the solution quality, running time, and stability.
Keywords: Scheduling Problems | Identical Processors | Stochastic Heuristics | Solution Transformation
Publisher: SciTePress
Project: Advanced artificial intelligence techniques for analysis and design of system components based on trustworthy BlockChain technology - AI4TrustBC 

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