Authors: Todorović, Milan 
Knežević, Milica 
Affiliations: Computer Science 
Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Blockchain based electricity trading within the microgrid with renewable resources
Related Publication(s): Book of Abstracts
Conference: Blockchain Technology and Cybersecurity: Advances in Applications and Techniques, 11th October 2022, Belgrade, Serbia
Issue Date: 2022
Recent years brought increasing climate change which in turn lead to more research regarding the utilization
of green and renewable sources of energy. These energy sources impose the need for transformation
and upgrade of the existing power grids. Standard consumers of electrical energy are becoming
so called prosumers that represent consumers that can now produce electrical energy by using
various renewable energy sources such as sunlight or wind. The appearance of prosumers drastically increased the complexity of power grids, as these users are now able to produce and sell the excess energy to other consumers within the grid. On the other hand, local communities can form their smaller, localized,
electrical grid, known as microgrid, in order to trade energy between themselves in an efficient manner.
This more complex power grid needs new mechanisms that would manage energy trading, and that would protect the privacy of the consumers and prosumers. For this, we propose а platform that is relying on smart
contracts usage within blockchain network with modified consensus protocol that itself reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain the blockchain network.
Keywords: energy trading | blockchain | consensus protocol | smart contract

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