Authors: Milenković, Branislav 
Krstić, Mladen
Affiliations: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Optimization of speed reducer, pressure vessel and helical spring by using grasshopper algorithm
Journal: Mechanics, Transport, Communications - Academic Journal
Volume: 19
Issue: 2
First page: 2176
Issue Date: 2021
Rank: M53
ISSN: 1312-3832
The optimization plays very important roles especially in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, railway engineering, traffic engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering and electrical engineering. In the past, many researchers have considered the problem of speed reducer, pressure vessel and helical spring optimization by using Genetic Algorithm (GA), Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO), Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), Water Cycle Algorithm (WCA), Ant Lion Optimizer (ALO), Differential Evolution (DE), Firefly Algorithm (FA), Bat Algorithm (BA), Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA) and other optimization algorithms. The goal of this paper is to perform speed reducer, pressure vessel and helical spring parameter optimization by using the Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (further referred to as GOA). The pseudo code for this algorithm was written using the Matlab R2019a software suite. At the end of this paper, results and conclusions are presented.
Keywords: grasshopper | optimization | speed reducer | pressure vessel | helical spring
Publisher: Todor Kableshkov University of Transport

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