Authors: Janković, Radmila 
Mihajlović, Ivan
Štrbac, Nada
Title: Modeling the influence of the energy sources and consumption on the resulting ecological footprint
First page: 23
Conference: YOUng ResearcherS Conference (YOURS) 2019, 26-27 March, Belgrade, Serbia
Issue Date: 2019
Rank: M64
The ecological footprint analysis is an important part of sustainability, as it
allows to calculate the resources used for the needs of a country and its residents, and to
compare it to the biocapacity of the same country. Multiple factors can affect the level of
the ecological footprint, such as energy production, pollutants’ emissions, transportation,
industrial production and similar.
The logistics processes of production and transportation have a major impact on the
ecological footprint because of their environmental impact, especially due to higher
consumption of energy resources and, consequently, higher carbon emissions.
This paper introduces a novel approach of ecological footprint analysis in terms of energy
efficiency, from the aspect of the production 4.0 and including the logistic process. The
analysis of obtained data is facilitated by using the multiple linear regression approach. The
aim of the analysis is to create a prediction model based on the values of specific types of
energy inside the concept of Industry 4.0, aiming to decrease the ecological footprint of
analyzed economies.
Keywords: Ecological footprint | Industry 4.0 | Logistic processes | Multiple linear regressions

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