Authors: Ćosić, Milena
Boljanović, Slobodanka 
Dojčinović, Marina
Affiliations: Mechanics 
Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Cavitation erosion behavior of aluminium based alloys
First page: 379
Last page: 382
Conference: 15th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, DEMI 2021, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 28-29, 2021
Issue Date: 2021
Rank: M33
ISBN: 978-99938-39-92-7
This paper provide description of cavitation damage and microstructural changes in two types of Al alloys - AlSi18 and AlMg4.5Mn. Aluminium foundry alloys were frequently applied for production of parts like diesel cylinder blocks, pistons, while Al-Mg alloys were widely used in various applications such as the pressure vessels, yachts and ships. These parts were exposed cavitation erosion phenomena during their working service. Cavitation erosion tests were performed on both types of samples according to ASTM G32-92 standard. The mass loss of each material, was investigated by measuring as a function of cavitation time. The damaged surfaces of all samples were analyzed using a optical and scanning electorn microscope. The effect of cavitation erosion resistance of conventionally cast AlSi18 alloy was assessed and compared to rolled samples of Al Mg4.5Mn. The experimental results show better cavitation resistance for foundry alloys then rolled Al alloys.
Keywords: cavitation erosion | Al alloys | SEM | microstructure
Publisher: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Banja Luka

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