Authors: Milenković, Branislav 
Karličić, Danilo 
Jovanović, Đorđe 
Affiliations: Mechanics 
Computer Science 
Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Determination of natural frequency and amplitude ratio of a Rayleigh double beam system with a Keer middle layer subjected to compressive axial load
First page: 103
Last page: 111
Conference: XI International Conference Industrial Engineering and Enviromental Protection IIZS, 7-8 October 2021
Issue Date: 2021
Rank: M33
ISBN: 978-86-7672-348-5
Free transverse vibration of a Rayleigh double-beam system with effect of compressive axial load
with a Keer layer in-between are studied in this paper. It is assumed that the two beams of the system are continuously joined by a Keer layer. The equations of motion for this system are described by a set of three homogenous differential equations. The classic Bernoulli-Fourier method was used for solving this system of differential equations. In the research found in literature on the subject of Kerr model, the most common methods used are theories of Timoshenko and Euler-Bernoulli. It is for that exact reason that the research goal of this paper is determining analytical and numerical characteristics (natural frequency and associated amplitude ratio) of the considered model by applying the Rayleigh theory. The numerical results obtained are shown in the form of a plot diagram. Presented numerical results in this paper confirm those obtained in the literature.
Keywords: natural frequency | amplitude ratio | Keer layer | Rayleigh double beam
Publisher: Technical faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”, Zrenjanin, University of Novi Sad

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