Authors: Micic, Tatyana
Stojić, Dragoslav
Stanković, Miomir
Velimirović, Nikola
Title: Gamma process model for timber-concrete composite beam deterioration prediction
Journal: Wood Research
Volume: 61
Issue: 3
First page: 373
Last page: 384
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2016
ISSN: 13364561
The main goal of maintenance management is to accurately predict the performance of structures over their life-cycle in order to develop the optimal maintenance programs. The aim of this paper is to present one of the prediction models of aging of timber concrete composite structures which will capture the true nature of deterioration. We focus on modelling the deterioration of deflection in the mid-span of the timber-concrete composite beam under a service load. Due to the nature of this composite beam, relative mid-span deflection is generally uncertain and non-decreasing over time, so it could be regarded as a gamma process. The progress of deterioration and estimate its service life will be presented.
Keywords: Deterioration model | Gamma process | Timber-concrete composite

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